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Rainbow Window Hanger Tutorial: Share Your Smile!

Rainbow Window Hanger Tutorial: Share Your Smile!

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In uncertain times, keeping the little ones occupied with a bright and colourful project will help to while away the hours, and encourage them to explore their imaginations! We just love this bold and beautiful rainbow window hanger tutorial created by Carla Bagshaw. These hangings, when used to decorate windows, will let other small children follow a rainbow trail through their neighbourhood, on their daily walks!

Time it Takes to Make: 1 hour

Skill Level: Beginners (children)

Rainbow Window Hanger Step-by-Step Tutorial

You Will Need:

Rainbow Window Hanger Tutorial:

Step One:

Rainbow window hanger tutorial step

Take an A4 sheet of coloured cardstock and use a pair of compasses to create a large semi-circle, then cut it out (carefully!)

Step Two:

Rainbow window hanger tutorial step

Take a different coloured card and mark out a 2-inch line, horizontally. Then mark out each inch across the top of the page, and the 2-inch line. Connect the inch marks vertically to form triangles as shown in the following image.

Rainbow window hanger tutorial step

Carefully cut out the triangles and, using a glue stick, attach them around the semi-circle to form a half ‘sunshine’.

Step 3:

Rainbow window hanger tutorial step

Now, cut out two white circles to form eyes, and two smaller black circles to form the pupils, and stick them to the sunshine shape. Draw a big smiley mouth and then cut out two small pink circles to make the cheeks. Use your glue stick to stick them down.

Step 4:

Rainbow window hanger tutorial step

Cut out five strips of tissue paper/crepe paper in each rainbow colour, to the length you desire. Then take each set of strips and punch a hole in one end. Take a piece of string and push it through the hole, and tie a knot. Repeat for each colour.

Step Five:

Rainbow window hanger tutorial step

Use a hole punch to make seven small holes along the bottom edge of the sunshine face and tie your rainbow paper strips to it (evenly spaced). Then punch a hole in the top centre of your middle triangle on the sunshine and tie string to it so that you can hang it in a window.

Completed project

Your rainbow window hanger is complete! Hang it from a window at the front of your house, and see how many other rainbow-themed works of art you spot in your neighbours’ windows, next time you go out!

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