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Add a Rainbow of Colour With Our Tassel Wall Decor

Add a Rainbow of Colour With Our Tassel Wall Decor

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Colourful homes are happy homes, so bring cheer to your walls with this easy-to-make, decorative tassel wall decor, created by the fabulous Momtaz Begum-Hossain. With just a handful of supplies and a little creative ingenuity, you can craft a beautiful home decor piece that’s bound to become the talking point of the room.

You Will Need:

Step 1: Making tassels

Tassel wall decor tutorial step

Cut two pieces of yarn that measure 30cm and put them aside. Take a ball of yarn and wrap it around your toilet roll 30 times.

Step 2:

Tassel wall decor tutorial step

Take one of your 30cm pieces and tie up the top; the ends don’t need cutting as they’ll become part of the tassel.

Step 3:

Tassel wall decor tutorial step

Cut the other end and slide off the yarn. Take your second piece of yarn and tie a double knot near the top then leave the ends to hang down – that’s one tassel complete. You need to make 14 of these.

Step 4:

Tassel wall decor tutorial step

Once all your tassels are made, trim the ends to neaten them.

Step 5: Making Pom Poms

Tassel wall decor tutorial step

Draw around your circular object; a lid is ideal. Draw around your button in the middle, then cut both out to create two donuts with a slit at the side. (The size of your lid will determine the shape of your pom pom.)

Step 6:

Tassel wall decor tutorial step

Hold your card donuts together, and cut the slits so they’re wider, giving you space to start wrapping yarn around. Build up a thick end, and then continue all the way to the other side.

Step 7:

Tassel wall decor tutorial step

Go over and around 4 times so your donut feels nice and chunky.

Step 8:

Tassel wall decor tutorial step

Cut a piece of yarn and double it up.

Carefully hold the donut in the palm of your hand and then cut through the yarn in the gap between both sides of card. Keep a firm hold so the strands don’t become loose. Once you’ve been all the way around, sandwich your double yarn piece in between, tie two tight knots, then loosen the card pieces off both ends.

Step 9:

Tassel wall decor tutorial step

Fluff up the pompom in your palms and go around it trimming any long ends until your pompom is even. Make 14 of these.

Step 10:

Tassel wall decor tutorial step

To assemble the wall hanging, cut seven piece of yarn that measure 150cm each. Tie a knot at the bottom of all the pieces. Take your first piece and thread the needle onto it. Push it through the bottom of one tassel then add a bead. Leave a gap and thread through a pom pom, then add another bead. For each strand, add two pompoms and two tassels followed by beads, alternating the order and colours.

Step 11:

Tassel wall decor tutorial step

Arrange your pompom tassels along your bamboo stick, vary the heights of how they hang. Leave a small gap at each end and an even gap of around 7cm between each one; draw on the gaps with a pen.

Finished project close-up

Hang your seven pompom tassels by winding them five times around your bamboo stick at each pen mark, and then tie a knot before cutting them off. Finally, cut two large pieces of yarn, tie one to each end, then tie them together at the top to create your hanger. Your gorgeous tassel wall decor is now ready to display and admire!

Finished project

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