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Rainbow Easter Card Project [+ Free Download!]

Rainbow Easter Card Project [+ Free Download!]

This bright and beautiful rainbow-coloured Easter card is all you need to add a burst of spring colour to your celebrations this Easter! Featuring enchanting floral embellishment and a gorgeous watercolour background, this pretty Easter card will be loved by young and old alike. Check out Ann-Marie Vaux’s step-by-step tutorial below, and see exactly what you can do with some colourful craft essentials, and a touch of creativity!

For this project, I have designed a template for the Easter sentiment and the eggs, which you can download and print out at home! I used watercolour inks and Enamel Accents with mine to produce a a colourful design, but feel free to modify your own! The template could be used with a wide range of goodies from your crafty stash, to achieve a multitude of effects. You could even experiment with lighter pastel tones or vintage tones to create something totally different!

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Cut a layer of the pastel cardstock for the blank card base.

Step 2:

Cut a smaller layer of plain white cardstock, and decide on your watercolour colours, then add a drop of each of the colours on to your workspace matt.

Step 3:

Using a waterbrush, drag the colour diagonally across the white cardstock.

Step 4:

Continue to alternate colours to build colour across the sheet of card.

Step 5:

Once the cardstock is covered with colour, drop extra water onto it (not over filling it, but just with droplets).

Step 6:

Next, sprinkle salt over the layer while the water droplets are still wet – this is going to be a background, and it does not have to be perfect as most of it will be covered, however the effect looks great on the edges!

Step 7:

Leave overnight to dry naturally and then, using a dry paper towel, remove the salt.

Step 8:

Download and print the Easter template onto white cardstock.

Step 9:

Cut out the Easter sentiment and the eggs as strips.

Step 10:

Using a mixture of the watercolour inks, colour in the eggs.

Step 11:

Ink the edges of the egg strips.

Step 12:

Add Enamel Accents to a couple of the eggs on the strips to highlight them, then leave to dry (overnight if possible). Do not worry if your cardstock curls a little as it dries.

Step 13:

Once the eggs are dry, using flat tape, attach them to the coloured layer, leaving a small edge of the colour showing.

Step 14:

Trim the edges of the egg strips.

Step 15:

Attach the colour base with eggs to the card base.

Step 16:

Next, add colour to the Easter sentiment. It is designed in such a way that you can use either lots of different colour, or all the same colour (the letters could be highlighted with different tones). Use the watercolour inks, and then blending ink for the edges.

Step 17:

Pick out a couple of the letters in the word ‘Easter’ and then add Enamel Accents to them, and leave to dry.

Step 18:

Once the Easter sentiment is dry, use 3D foam to attach it to the card front.

Step 19:

Take the pre-made paper flower and, using a waterbrush, add a little water to the petal tips.

Step 20:

Dot droplets of different colours from the Watercolour inks on to your work matt.

Step 21:

Drip the paper flower into the droplets of ink, and squash down a little bit to get some colour to the inner petals.

Step 22:

Repeat until you get the desired colour and look you want.

Step 23:

Leave overnight to dry.

Step 24:

Using silicone glue, attach the flowers to the card front – and your crafty Easter card is complete!

Let us know if you’ll be printing out this lovely free Easter download, and how you’ll be using it, in the comments below!

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