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Quilting Catch Up with Jennie Rayment: September 2017

Quilting Catch Up with Jennie Rayment: September 2017

What a feast of quilts this last month has been! I have travelled seemingly most of England and then onto the US to Paducah, Kentucky. Here’s the lowdown on my quilting adventures throughout September! Jennie Rayment

The month started with a stand at the Great Northern Quilt show in Harrogate. In between the series of workshops I had agreed to run, enjoying meeting former students, making new friends and enjoying chatting about Create & Craft with many of the visitors, I had a chance to look at the quilts. One of the quilts being the delightful Pickle Dish (made using the Simple-EZ Pickle Dish acrylic template set).

This I very much appreciated as I have demoed the design on Create & Craft but only ever had the time to make one block! For those itching to try, then you will also need the Simpli-EZ Double Wedding Ring acrylic template.

Amongst the prize winners was a fabulous applique quilt — the detail was just gorgeous.

But it’s always a pleasure to see a well-made sampler quilt. If you are just starting out, then this is the way to begin. Learn a wide variety of techniques and piecing options and then you’ll have a good understanding of the basics.

My Adventures in Paducah, KY

Leaving the Harrogate show, I flew to Paducah, KY in the US. It’s on the banks of the Ohio and now the town is heavily fortified with enormous flood barriers as the river flooded in 1937 with devastating results. The quilt show is held inside the flood barriers in a variety of different venues. As the tail end of Hurricane Irma was passing through when I was there, this was reassuring. Fortunately no wet feet, I just wished that I had brought a brolly in my bags as I trotted from venue to venue. Still, at least I didn’t have to swim!

The quilts were to lust after. Yes, the quilts were very well made at Harrogate… but some of these were out of this world. There are entrants from all over the world and these quilt creators spend years and years — and it shows. There is no way I would wish to spend so much time nor have the incredible expertise on display. Fast and furious will not produce the quilt that can be displayed at Paducah, but I can teach the ideas and who knows who will incorporate my techniques into their work.

Highlights of the Paducah Quilt Show

This elephant was just amazing. Next to it hung a very pretty quilt made using a Dresden Plate template.

You could do something similar with a template like this!

For the horse lovers amongst you, this was a winner. The dog was just drooled over — maybe not a winner, but it had the woof factor! Notice though that the Joseph’s Coat design has been used as the blanket. Have demoed this several times on various shows. Look at the quilting around the edge.

One of the top quilts was this Hawaiian one. The maker said that the design mainly was cut out of one piece of fabric… imagine what would happen if those very sharp scissors slipped.

After work, on most days I had a chance to wander around the city. I was captivated by the old part of Paducah with its delightful mishmash of buildings.

There were various plaques erected along the streets, telling the visitors some of the history. And as you can see from the tale below, the town’s hospitality promise still holds good today!

Of course, one store decided to try and attract some extra business but I am not certain that there would be many takers in this age of non-smoking.

The World is Still Full of Kind People…

Perhaps the highlight of the trip was the kindness shown to me by a grocery store customer service assistant. Being a fussy eater, I like to buy my food and picnic rather than eat in restaurants. For a start, I don’t eat meat nor wheat so this makes for things being difficult. Especially when the hotel restaurant is a Gourmet Burger Bar! The grocery store was 3 miles away and I was happy to walk there but a kind student took pity and dropped me off.

I intended to get a cab to get back to the hotel with my many bags, so I asked the customer service lady if she could call a cab. Sadly, no cab for at least an hour, so she very kindly said that she was about to take her break and would drive me back! With profuse apologies for the car — a wondrous old Ford Mustang albeit in a somewhat elderly state — we went vroom vroom back to the hotel. As we went along, we chatted.

She had come from Ireland originally, married an American, and is now settled in the USA but returns most years to Eire. Her kindness was much appreciated and on my return, I sent a Thank You card addressed to ‘Margaret from Ireland who drives a Mustang’ and she got the letter! Had put my email in the note and have since heard this news. The world is still full of kind people, despite all the grim news.

After lots of hurtling, it was a pleasure to come back home and work on the samples for my 8th October Quilting Classroom. But you can see the effect that all this travelling has had on me!

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  • Loved reading your lovely blog and glad you have enjoyed America. Will you be at the Harrogate show and are there any more books in the pipeline? have got most of them which you kindly signed for me, hope to meet you again soon
    Love from Olive x

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