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Quilting Catch Up with Jennie Rayment: August 2017

Quilting Catch Up with Jennie Rayment: August 2017

Right at the end of July, there was a new episode of Quilting Classroom. It should have been on 23rd July but it was changed to 30th. On this Quilting Classroom, I was able to demonstrate one of my favourite quilting templates: the Sew Easy Quilting 10-Degree Wedge.

This article was written by our wonderful Calico Queen, Jennie Rayment.

One of the designs you could make with the 10-Degree Wedge Quilting Ruler was created by Linda Onions. If you missed this great PDF, you can find it right here!

The Festival of Quilts

The next major event was the Festival of Quilts — our biggest and best festival. It’s the UK version of Houston’s Quilt Festival and well worth a visit. I had a stand as ever, although I spent most of my time away teaching so Jenni Batten sat in for me in my absence.

You would have been overwhelmed by the quality talent on display at the Festival of Quilts. There was a fantastic variety of skills and creativity, yet amongst all the show stoppers are quilts that the average quilter could make. These are heartening ones to come across as even I, as an experienced quilter, get bowled over by the sheer artistry on display.

This abundance of mastery makes me think that I will keep to twiddles and fiddles. At least I can have lumps and bumps in my quilts as these could be construed as texture!

Best of the Festival…

Here is one of the winners… just a wow!

And this amazing one is only about 30cm (12”) square.

But you could all do this with a Dresden Plate — just do one block and then a few more! Easy!!

Then I was pleased to notice that in the young quilters, there was a wondrous creation of chickens with some Birdy Bunting festooning the display. (Birdy Bunting is in ‘Stitch Bits’ which has been on Create and Craft many times and will be back soon.)

For those who are not into quilts, there is a 3D section where just about anything goes! Why not make a large elephant (100cm tall or thereabouts)?

How about making this swimming costume — you just need the figure to wear it!

Sadly as I grow older, the physique is okay-ish (if I take my glasses off) in the morning but everything has all gone south by the evening.

(Note to self: do not look at physique at bedtime — even without your glasses.)

This one I liked as it was made by lots of different people. A real group effort!

Crafting with the Grandchildren

After the Festival of Quilts, the grandchildren came to stay — two small boys (5 & 7) who just love sticky stuff, fabric, paper, and other crafty things. It’s amazing where glue, colouring materials, and sequins can get. And never ever allow two small boys glitter unless you watch like a hawk (still cleaning it up two weeks after the event and my cutting mats will be forever decorated!). Keeping the box of sticking plasters firmly to hand, I let them both loose with some felting. Here are their efforts — one is a shark and the other a penguin.

The penguin seems to have had rather a lot to drink or maybe it’s seriously frightened by the shark. Fortunately, the plasters were not needed. It is really lovely to have the grandchildren to stay but the major thing is to return them to their parents relatively undamaged!

Live on Create and Craft TV

Sunday 27th August was my turn for the 8:00am show, so I got up at 3:00am to drive to Peterborough. I did several demos but also teased one of the items for Quilting Classroom on 10th September. It needs a 45-Degree Diamond Template and some In-R-Form… you have been warned! Watch the show on 10th September at 8:00am for more details.

Finally, just to amuse… I went to a family get-together over the Bank Holiday where my husband’s ex-wife was present. After exchanging both kisses and some small talk, I noticed her crazy patchwork bag and, having duly admired it, she then said… “Oh, you do some sewing, don’t you?” ……………….. So there you go… I “do some sewing“!

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6 thoughts on “Quilting Catch Up with Jennie Rayment: August 2017”

  • “some sewing” Had to say when I read that I howled with laughter! Poor lady, if she had any real idea of what you do, she would would never have said that. Just wish I was half as talented as you sweetheart.x

  • Well now we know why she is the EX wife Love your sense of humour Jenny as much as I admire your talent just wish I could “do a bit of sewing” as well as you can.x

  • Know the feeling. My then husband’s ex-wife was a one for having little put downs at my expense. At the time I was a farmer and bought some extra cows.I always named my cows and the new ones were unamed.Simple solution,named one Frieda after her.

  • Wonderful sewist quilter and teacher ,how can she not know you ! Bet she’s just a little bit embarrassed ,we love you Jenny ,I was lucky enough to be in your workshop at the festival on the Sunday ,big thank you for your inspiration ☺

  • Jealousy is a terrible thing. She knows what you do.I think you are a fabulous quilter, you explain things so simply to your viewers. You ignore and smile. Any way I like you doing some sewing. I also love the quilting that you can watch back quilting with Jenny Raymond. Keep doing what you do, so well.

  • Wow what beautiful examples of quilting. The 12″ block is an absolute stunner, as is the one made up of many different blocks from different people. A real quilting community effort is something to be admired for sure. My favourite though has to be the African scene. How absolutely beautiful is that. I love the idea that we can make up pictures of places loved by us with our quilting. Thank you for sharing these with us.

    One last thought, maybe if the ex was more observant, she wouldn’t have been an ex, as we all know that ‘some sewing’ is definitely not an accurate statement. I think I would have had to reply with, ‘Oh yes, I find that doing a little sewing stops me from doing a little bitterness. You should try it, it might help you with yours!’

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