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How to Make a Quilted Christmas Tree Skirt

How to Make a Quilted Christmas Tree Skirt

This Quilted Christmas Tree Skirt has been imagined, designed and handcrafted by sewing expert and competition winner, Charlotte Newland. Here’s her step-by-step project!

It’s never too early to start sewing for Christmas. Make your tree look extra special this year with a quilted tree skirt made with gorgeous Christmassy prints!

You Will Need:

Step 1:

First, cut 84 5” squares from your fabric. Arrange the squares in rows according to the layout below. Make sure to vary the direction of any directional prints so that your tree skirt looks nice from every angle. Sew the squares together in rows, and then sew the rows together. Note how some of the rows are offset from each other by half a square.

Step 2:

Layer your backing fabric, wadding, and top fabric together and baste ready for quilting, then quilt however you like. I used a random stipple (it’s my favourite!).

Step 3:

Using a pencil and a piece of string as a compass, draw a semicircle with a 21” radius on a large piece of paper. Draw another semicircle with a 3” radius inside it, then cut this section away. This is the template for your tree skirt.

Step 4:

Place the paper template on top of your quilted piece, and draw around the outside curved edge carefully with a pen or chalk. When you have drawn one semicircle, flip the template around and use it to complete the circle shape.

Step 5:

Draw around the inside semicircle in the same way, and then draw along one straight edge from the centre of the template to the outside of the tree skirt.

Step 6:

Cut along the outside edge, along the straight line up the middle, and then cut away the centre circle.

Step 7:

Cut a curve at each of the square edges so that it’s easier to add the bias binding.

Step 8:

Unfold the bias binding and line it up with the edge of the tree skirt, then sew along the crease.

Step 9:

Fold the bias binding over the raw edge of the tree skirt, pin in place (or use wonder clips like I have) and sew, making sure to catch the underside of the binding in your stitching.

Step 10:

Cut four pieces of ribbon about 12” long and attach to the straight edge of the tree skirt in pairs so that they can be used to tie it closed.

I wish I had a Christmas tree right now so I could show you how lovely the tree skirt will look, but we’ll just have to make do with a picture of it on the grass instead!

Happy sewing, and Happy Christmas in June! – Charlotte Newland

Check out Charlotte Newland’s Create & Craft Ambassador Page here!

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