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8 Beautiful Quilt Pattern Ideas For You To Try This Winter

8 Beautiful Quilt Pattern Ideas For You To Try This Winter

If you’re fairly new to quilting but desperate to sink your teeth (and your sewing needles!) into this exciting new hobby, then we’ve the perfect place for you to begin.  The Calico Queen, and star of the Quilting Classroom, Jennie Rayment herself, is here to guide you through learning to quilt from the very beginning in her incredible new online course, Jennie Rayment’s Beginner’s Quilting, Patchwork and Applique School. It’s the perfect place for newbies to quilting to start… and who knows where it will lead you! For ideas on the incredible quilts you could be creating if you master this wonderful hobby, check out our fantastic quilt pattern selection below!

If you’re a seasoned quilter who’s already feeling pretty confident in your quilting abilities, you can view the full step-by-step project for each of the quilts below, and have a go at bringing these gorgeous quilt patterns to life. We’ve included eight AccuQuilt quilt patterns for you to get stuck into, ranging from ‘beginner’ to ‘intermediate’ and ‘advanced’ – so there’s something for everyone!

GO! Butterfly Patch Quilt Pattern:

Butterfly Quilt Pattern

The GO! Butterfly Patch Quilt is ideal for beginners, allowing you to make a beautiful orchestra of butterflies in complementary colourways.

GO! Festive Hunter Star Quilt Pattern:

Hunter Star Quilt Pattern

The GO! Festive Hunter Star Quilt is a firm favourite among quilters! This star quilt pattern is better for intermediate stitchers, as it features complex blocks that are a joy to put together.

GO! LeMoyne Star Prism Quilt Pattern:

LeMoyne Star Prism Quilt Pattern

This intermediate-ranked GO! LeMoyne Star Prism Quilt features a beautiful abundance of big, bold and colourful stars that are perfectly pieced together.

GO! Vibrant Ohio Star Quilt Pattern:

Ohio Star Quilt Pattern

Colour can bring a quilt to life; the intermediate GO! Vibrant Ohio Star Quilt proves this, updating a classic quilt block design that’s loved by many.

GO! Retro Drunkard’s Path Quilt Pattern:

Drunkard’s Path Quilt Pattern

The GO! Retro Drunkard’s Path Quilt is an intermediate quilter’s dream, offering a combination of half square triangle units and curved units.

GO! Strip Star Sampler Quilt Pattern:

Star Sampler Quilt Pattern

If you’re up for a new quilting challenge using your GO! strip cutters, the advanced GO! Strip Star Sampler Quilt is the perfect project for you.

GO! Take Flight Bed Quilt Pattern:

Take Flight Bed Quilt Pattern

Another project for advanced quilters is the GO! Take Flight Bed Quilt, offering sharp zig-zags in vibrant colourways to bring the sunshine indoors.

GO! Hugs & Kisses Baby Quilt Pattern:

Baby Quilt Pattern

If you think that your little one shouldn’t have to miss out on the wonderful rewards of quilting, you should give the advanced GO! Hugs & Kisses Baby Quilt Pattern a go!