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Quiet Book Tutorial: A Mummy Must-Have!

Quiet Book Tutorial: A Mummy Must-Have!

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Some people call these quiet books, others call them busy books… whatever you like to label them, these beautiful little projects are a must-have for tired mums and inquisitive toddlers! Not only does this interactive activity provide young children with a fun way to develop new skills, but it’s a fantastic toy to have tucked in your bag for those moments when you need to keep little hands busy and little minds occupied for a while! Check out Penelope Quinn’s quiet book tutorial below, and let your imagination run wild with different colours and themes, to create scene-scapes your little one will love!

You Will Need:

No-Sew Quiet Book Tutorial:

Quiet book tutorial step

There are so many clever ideas you could incorporate into your book; I’ve included veggies that can be ‘pulled’ from the ground, cars that can ‘race’ around a road, a little boy that can become a superhero, and more. Let your imagination run wild, or try to incorporate things that your little one loves, like their favourite animals, or TV characters.

Step 1:

Supplies you will need

Take 10 sheets of stiff A5 felt sheets, and make a small hole about 4cm from each end, on one side. These will be the holes that we’ll bind our book with.

Step 2:

Quiet book tutorial step

Now, start drawing onto felt the shapes you need, or go right ahead and cut it out freehand! I found a felt tip pen was perfect to mark the felt. Get creative!

Step 3:

Quiet book tutorial step

Use your hot glue gun to stick on all your bits – you can use both sides of the A5 felt, just be careful to make sure the holes will line up.

Step 4:

Quiet book tutorial step

If you want bits to move, simply glue on a piece of the ‘hook’ side of your Velcro. It will stick straight onto the felt!

Step 5:

Quiet book tutorial step

And finally, use the curtain rings to hold the book together.

Step 6:

Quiet book tutorial step

You’re done – your quiet book is now complete, and ready to be put to the test!

This is a fantastic craft project to create with older siblings, and is sure to be a hit with the littlest in the family.

Quiet book tutorial step

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