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Crafty Pumpkin Carving Templates [ Free Printables!]

Crafty Pumpkin Carving Templates [ Free Printables!]

Whether you’re going all-out this Halloween and throwing a haunted house party, or you just want to set the scene for this year’s trick-or-treating troops, don’t do anything until you’ve read this article! We know you won’t want to sink your knife into this year’s pumpkin until you’ve seen our terrifyingly terrific pumpkin carving template selection!

Prepare for a Crafty Halloween With Our Essential Halloween Supplies!


1. The Classic Scary Face Pumpkin Carving Template:

Scary Face Pumpkin Carving Template Image

This classic creepy face template is simple yet spectacular, and no self-respecting set of pumpkin carving templates would be complete without it! Every pumpkin carver has created their own version of this at least once in their lifetime – it’s a great design for beginners, and allows for plenty of creativity if you want to get more complex with your carving knife! You could easily add pointy teeth, crazy eyes and a more creative nose… but if you’d like to stick with something simple, simply print out the┬áScary Face Pumpkin Carving Template, cut out the black shapes, stick them to your pumpkin, and start cutting!

Click here to get your Scary Face Template.

2. Creepy Kitty Pumpkin Carving Template:

Creepy Kitty Pumpkin Carving Template Image

If you fancy stepping slightly away from tradition, how about this super creepy cat pumpkin carving template? The connection between cats and Halloween is certainly not a new one – in the Middle Ages it was widely believed that witches could transform themselves into black cats and walk among us in disguise. Many people are still superstitious about black cats to this day, so it seems totally fitting to add one to your doorstep in the form of a totally creepy pumpkin this Halloween! Fingers crossed any resident felines aren’t too perturbed by it…

Click here to get your Creepy Kitty Template.

3. Haunted House Pumpkin Carving Template:

Haunted House Pumpkin Carving Template Image

Fancy yourself a bit of a pumpkin carving pro, and want to try your hand at a slightly trickier design? This eery old haunted house, complete with moon and runaway bat, could be just the challenge you’re after this Halloween. Due to the more intricate nature of the design, we recommend you cut it out using a craft knife and cutting mat (unless you own a ScanNCut, of course!) then stick the black shapes to your pumpkin, and cut around them carefully.

Click here to get your Haunted House Template.

Magical Unicorn Pumpkin Carving Template:

Magical Unicorn Pumpkin Carving Template Image

Yes that’s right – we’ve only gone and included a unicorn pumpkin carving template for you! Why? Because unicorns are bloomin’ awesome! And since they’ve featured in just about every aspect of crafting this year, from crochet, to papercraft to digital crafting (and the rest!) we thought it simply wouldn’t do to leave them out now! So, if you’d much rather carve something magical into your pumpkin than something terrifying, this unicorn template provides the perfect solution!

Click here to get your Magical Unicorn Template.

Three Tips For Carving The Perfect Pumpkin This Halloween:

Top Tip One: When cutting the top out of your pumpkin, remember to slice into the flesh at an angle as opposed to straight up and down. If you slice the lid out perfectly vertically, it will simply fall straight down into the middle of your empty pumpkin once you’ve scooped it out – total pumpkin fail!

Top Tip Two: Keep your carved pumpkin fresher for longer by rubbing petroleum jelly along the freshly cut edges to seal in its moisture, and prevent it from drying out and shriveling! There’s nothing sadder-looking than a shriveled up pumpkin face…

Top Tip Three: Battery-operate tealights are so easy and inexpensive to buy these days, save yourself the worry of whether your pumpkin will stay aglow, and replace the traditional candle inside with an electric one! You could even buck the trend entirely by hiding multicoloured Christmas lights or a red bicycle light inside your pumpkin; let your creation really stand out from the crowd!

Prepare for a Crafty Halloween With Our Essential Halloween Supplies!

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