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Celebrate Pride Month With Our Colour-Popping Pride Pebbles!

Celebrate Pride Month With Our Colour-Popping Pride Pebbles!

Pride Pebbles Project Title

Love is Love! Rainbows are the iconic symbol of the LGBTQ+ community. Show your support and celebrate Pride Month this June, by making these fun, colourful rainbow inspired pebbles, created by the fabulous Momtaz Begum-Hossain.

You Will Need:

How to Make Pride Pebbles:

Step 1:

Start by cleaning your pebbles. Leave them to soak for an hour in warm soapy water then dry them out on both sides.

Step 2:

Paint your pebbles with two layers of white acrylic paint, leaving them to dry in between coats. If you want to paint both sides, you’ll need to turn the pebbles over and do the same on the back. If your design has a coloured background, like the pink and blue pebbles shown, paint two coats before you add any pencil details.

Step 3:

Finished pride pebbles in a row

Draw your rainbow design onto your pebbles using a pencil. Here are some ideas:

  • Draw a heart with rainbow stripes
  • Draw a rainbow arch
  • Create rainbow stripes across the pebble, or as concentric circles
  • Draw a flag using a ruler to create straight lines. You could either draw the classic Pride flag which features rainbow colours, or the newer Pride Progress flag that has additional colours to include greater diversity, recognising ethnicity, and the transgender community.

Step 4:

Pride pebbles close up

The fun part! Start painting your rainbows. For the best result, apply two coats so the colours are bold, and really pop.

Step 5:

Pride pebbles together

If you’d like to add text to your pebble, write it on with a pencil, then go over with a marker pen. If you’re using metallics, write your words then outline the letters with a thinner black marker pen, so the text is more striking.

Step 6:

Finished project on display

Finally, lightly spray your pebbles with clear varnish spray to preserve your design.

Finished project close up

Once your colour-popping pride pebbles are complete, you can then use them as decorations, gift them, or brighten up a public space, like a local community garden, by placing your pebbles outside to be found!

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