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FREE Game Download: Presenter I Wonder Who…

FREE Game Download: Presenter I Wonder Who…

Here at HQ we are always working on fun ways to keep you and the family amused – and we’re not just talking about crafty projects! We’ve got a special something created with you, our Crafties, in mind… a game of Presenter I Wonder Who, featuring all 11 Presenters! All you need to do is download the game PDF below, print off two versions (one for each player) and play away! The rules are simple: two players each print and cut out their game. You will need some kind of separation to hide your cards from each other. Each player must select one Presenter each to play, then turn all the others face up in front of them. Make sure you keep your choice a secret from your opponent! Each player takes turns to ask yes or no questions about the Presenter they suspect their opponent has selected, hopefully eliminating a Presenter with each question, and turning someone it can’t possibly be face down. The first player to first guess correctly wins! Drop us a comment below to let us know what you think of the game and remember to tag us in any snaps of you playing on Social Media!

Get your printable game here: BLOG DOWNLOAD I wonder who

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