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How To Make a Pop Up Card [With Free Diamond Fold Pop Up Template!]

How To Make a Pop Up Card [With Free Diamond Fold Pop Up Template!]

Want to create a card that stands to attention, and stands out from the crowd? This clever diamond fold card, created by the lovely Tracey Collett, ticks both those boxes, and some more! Featuring a clever diamond-fold design, it’s guaranteed to take centre-stage at craft fairs, and allows you plenty of scope to get creative with your papercrafting stash… not sure how it’s done? Don’t worry – you can download the free template here, and follow Tracey’s step-by-step instructions below, for instant cardmaking awesomeness!

Templates are a fantastic way to try new card shapes and designs – and I’m all for crafters stepping out of their comfort zone and trying their hand at something new! I’ve shared this 3D pop-up diamond fold card template with you today, as it produces an impressive shape… and it’s very easy to make! These gorgeous cards are so unique, making them stand out from the crowd at craft fairs – and you can bet they’ll impress family and friends on special occasions, too!

You Will Need:

Step 1 :

Download the template,  and get your chosen cardstock ready; this project requires a piece of A4 card which we are cutting to measure 28cm x 14.8cm.

Step 2:

Now, using either a scoreboard or a paper trimmer with scoring facilities, we are going to place the cardstock at landscape, and score at 7cm and 14cm all the way down.

You also need to mark the edges at the top and bottom at the 21cm point (but do not score, as this is the diamond shape).

Step 3:

Now rotate the cardstock, and mark the centre at the top and at the 14cm line that you scored earlier. Again, do not score, but just mark these points.

Now, using your mark for the centre point at the top, align it in the trimmer with the mark for the 21cm point and trim. Repeat on the other side and you will have your triangular point.

Next, we move to the scoring for the diamond section. So we do this by again aligning the 21cm mark point with the opposite 7cm score, and scoring in a diagonal line crossing over the 14cm line, then repeating this on the other side (this is all marked on the template for ease!)

Step 4:

As you can now see, this is the same as the pattern on the template. If you refer back to the template, you will see I have added the type of fold for each line to help you fold the card into the shape shown.

Step 5:

Now we can move on to decoration!

I have decorated this card simply, using papers and a sentiment topper from Creative Craft World. Begin by cutting a panel measuring 13.8cm x 6.5cm for the base, using your own chosen decorative papers. You now need to stick the triangle down to the base to hold the diamond upright, as shown. Next, cover the diamond with backing paper, and trim the excess off.

Step 6:

To complete the diamond fold card, simply add your sentiment or topper to the diamond panel, and you are finished! Once you’ve mastered the diamond fold technique, you can get really creative with your card embellishment – stock up on cardmaking supplies now, and see what you could achieve!


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