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Put Your Favourite Photo on Wood to Create a Treasured Keepsake!

Put Your Favourite Photo on Wood to Create a Treasured Keepsake!

This pretty project from Kelly Anne Jordan is a fantastic way to turn a favourite photo into a memento to treasure, or even a personalised gift for a loved one! Check out Kelly’s step-by-step instructions below, and learn how easy it is to display your photo on wood, and craft something gorgeous!

How to Make a Personalised Keepsake Title Image

Time it Takes to Make: 1hr + 24hr for Mod Podge to set.

Skill Level: Intermediate

You Will Need:

Photo on Wood Project image

Step-by-Step Photo on Wood Keepsake Project:

Step 1:

To display your photo on wood, you will need to use a photocopied image, as it needs to be printed on copier paper; I went to my local library to use the colour copier. You may not be able to use an image that comes from an inkjet printer at home as the ink is likely to smear (unless that’s the look you’re going for!) so be sure to use a dry or heat set printer for best results.

Top Tip: If your photo has text, you will need to reverse the image when printing.

Step 2:

Personalised keepsake project image

Cut out your images and place these where you would like them to be atop your wooden tag and, with a pencil, lightly trace around them.

Step 3:

Photo on wood project image

Use a white chalk paint and sponge to paint around the edges of the pencil lines you have just made on the wooden tag (or if you’d prefer to, you want you can leave it unpainted). I then added some dye-based inks with a dauber to add some colour!

Personalised keepsake project image

Step 4:

Photo on wood project image

Apply a generous amount of Mod Podge to the image – you’ll need a thick layer! Now press the image, photo-side-down, onto the wooden tag.  Rub firmly to smooth out the image and remove air bubbles, then set it aside and leave to dry completely; I usually leave mine overnight to set.

Step 5:

Personalised keepsake project image

Once fully set, you can begin to use a damp cloth or sponge to wet one section of the paper at a time. Begin rubbing gently to remove the paper and expose the transferred image; I prefer to use my finger to do this.

Photo on wood project image

Remove the top layer first, let it dry slightly, and then repeat the process as needed to remove the fuzzy or paper pulp that is left behind.

Photo on wood project image

Step 6:

Photo on wood project image

If some of your ink has come off, re-apply; once you are satisfied with the look, seal the whole thing with a coat of Mod Podge.

Step 7:

Photo on wood finished project image

I have added some ribbon and a bow to finish it off!

Happy Making,

Kelly Anne Jordan

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