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Peyote Stitch Tutorial: Create a Stunning Pendant With Sarah Millsop!

Peyote Stitch Tutorial: Create a Stunning Pendant With Sarah Millsop!

This week, the lovely Sarah Millsop has been getting creative with the fantastic new jewellery-making kit from Totally Beads, to show you exactly how you can use the peyote stitch to create a stunning pendant bail.  Check out her step-by-step tutorial below, and be inspired to produce some beautiful jewellery of your own… everything you need to get started is included right here!

These fab new kits from Beads Direct are fantastic for beaders of any level. They contain full step-by-step instructions as well as all the materials to make your own peyote stitched bail, to hang your Hematite pendant…and even make a matching beaded rope bracelet too!

Peyote Stitch Tutorial:

Here’s a very quick ‘how to’ so you can see just how easy it is to get beading!

Step 1:

Add 4 beads onto approx. 1m of thread, run your needle through all 4 a second time (in the same direction) and through the 1st bead a third time. This will create this little cluster, and secure your beads to leave you a tail approx. 15cm in length.

Step 2:

Next, add 2 beads in-between each of the original 4. So exit from an original bead, pick up 2 new beads, and go through the next original bead. Repeat all the way round so it gives you a second layer of beads.

Step 3:

This will now be your third layer of beads, and you will need to add 2 beads in the same places as the previous round – HOWEVER…

Step 4:

You will now also need to add an extra bead in-between each double set of beads… these extra beads will increase on each round, so just keep an eye out for them! We are filling ‘gaps’ in between each bead from the previous rounds; but the doubles will always remain the same on the ‘corners’.

Step 5:

You can see now we have completed the third layer, and that there are 2 gaps to fill along the edges in our next round.

Step 6:

Continue to add as many rounds as you require for the size of pendant you will be securing.

Step 7:

You can see the square we are creating fold in half to give us a triangular bail. Your pendant will need to sit inside it along with the length of rope/ribbon/chain you wish to hang it from.

Your bail will need to be sewn together around your pendant and secured with half hitch knots to finish your threads. You can also go back to secure your starting tail, weaving it through your work and again, securing with half hitch knots.

Your full step-by-step instructions are included in your kit. This is such a versatile stitch, and one that is really worth mastering. I hope you enjoy it!





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