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Personalised Tote Bags: Create the Perfect Bespoke Gift!

Personalised Tote Bags: Create the Perfect Bespoke Gift!

Personalised gift-giving just got super-easy! Now there’s no need to trawl your favourite websites for personalisation options – you can do it yourself! Personalised tote bags make great gifts for anyone and everyone – give them on their own, or fill them with treats for your favourite people come Christmas, birthdays, hen parties and more! Add instant sparkle the easy way with these fool-proof iron-on glitter sheets, then get well and truly bespoke using this colourful set of fabric pens. These easy-to-use fabric pens allow you to be as creative as you like, making swirls, leaves, and more in any colourscheme! But don’t worry if you’re nervous about going freehand – they work just as well with your favourite stencils too. Check out Vikki Gorham’s personalisation project below, and be inspired!

Personalised tote bag title

Time it Takes to Make: This sweet little tote takes around one hour to complete.

Skill Level: Intermediate

You Will Need:


Step 1:

Personalised tote bag project image

Heat up your iron to a cotton setting and iron your tote; use steam to get any creases out.

Step 2:

Choose your dies, or freehand-cut shapes with scissors. I found my dies partially cut through my glitter sheets, giving me the perfect outline to snip around with my scissors. I chose an open floral die and alphabet dies to personalise my bag.

Step 3:

Textile markers

Take a large circle die and place this in the middle of your tote. Arrange your die cut glitter flowers and die cut alphabets in and around the circle die on the tote where you want them.

Step 4:

Take your fabric pen and create a few lines around your circle die; this will give you the basis of a circle to continue adding your design to with your fabric pens, and ensure your design is central.

Step 5:

Now lift your die cut-glitter pieces, and iron the surface of the bag, without steam, for 30 seconds. Replace your glitter pieces, and iron over them for another 15-30 seconds, then peel off the plastic coating… your glitter will be stuck perfectly. (Do not be afraid to peel it, it will be well and truly secure!)

Step 6:

Personalised tote bag finished project image

Once all your glitter pieces are stuck, place a piece of cardboard inside your tote bag (I used the packaging from my Glitter Sheet!) and move this around inside the bag as you colour in your design using the fabric pens, to avoid any colour bleeding to the back of your bag. Use the fine end of your fabric pen for the outline design, and the thicker end to infill the colour. I worked my way around once, and then went back over again with my fabric pen, to ensure a smoother finish.

Close up glitter embellishment on bag

Step 7:

Turn your tote bag inside out and again place your piece of card inside. On a cotton setting with no steam, iron the inside of your bag to set the fabric pen design. This takes a couple of minutes, moving your iron gently around your design, on the inside of your bag.

Now you can flip your bag back the right way and admire your handiwork! All that’s left to do is slip a box of chocolates inside and hand over your gorgeous personalised gift to the lucky recipient! (Unless you’ve been crafting for yourself of course… in which case it’s time to go shopping and show off your personalised tote bags to the big wide world!

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