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How To Make An Autumn Quilt: Time To Snuggle Up!

How To Make An Autumn Quilt: Time To Snuggle Up!

With the cool breezes and early evenings of autumn beginning to make an appearance as the summer months slowly draw to a close, we can’t stop thinking about how we can spend more time cuddled up indoors under our favourite autumn quilts! There’s no better way to enjoy a Create and Craft show, than wrapped up snug as a bug under a soft and cuddly quilt, hot drink in hand, and chocolates at the ready! So what better time than the present to get that autumn quilt project well and truly under way? Follow the step-by-step instructions below, and create a luxurious quilt to snuggle up underneath! You could even make more than one, and give them as gifts at Christmas… that’ll keep you occupied until the sun returns in spring!

autumn quilt title image

This gorgeous patchwork quilt is an easy way to brighten your home up in an instant, whilst keeping you warm throughout the winter.

Also ideal as a Christmas present, or an heirloom gift that can be enjoyed for generations, this quilt can be adapted and personalised to suit whatever style you’re after. Just follow the simple steps below to create your very own slumber statement piece!

Finished Size: 144 x 198cm / 56¾ x 78in

You Will Need:

  • 45cm (17¾in) in at least nine different cotton fabrics, patterned and plain (you are welcome to use more – we used a total of 14 different fabrics!)
  • 50cm (19¾in) of striped fabric for the edging
  • 210cm (82½in) of fabric for the back (150cm/59in wide)
  • 210cm (82½in) of fusible volume fleece
  • 9 crocheted doilies, 9–14cm  (3½-5½in) diameter
  • Small lace motifs
  • Sewing machine
  • Sewing scissors

completed autumn quilt

Step by Step Instructions:

Step 1:

To begin your autumn quilt project, you’ll need to prep your fabrics! So begin by selecting all your favourite coordinating fabrics, and snipping into them until you have ready the following pieces:

Various cotton fabrics (patterned and plain): 88 squares of 19.5 x 19.5cm (7½ x 7½in)

Striped fabric (edging): 7 strips of 6 x 99cm (2½ x 39in)

The cut-out sizes include a seam allowance of 0.75cm (3/8 in).

Step 2:

Lay out the cut-out fabric pieces in eleven rows of eight squares. You can either use a photo for orientation, or lay them out as you please. Sew the squares together in rows, and then sew the eleven rows together.

Step 3:

Cut out the volume fleece and the fabric for the back, making them a little bigger than the whole front piece. Put the three layers together and secure with safety pins. Quilt in the seam shadow. Trim the fleece and back fabric to the same dimensions as the front.autumn quilt close up patch

Step 4:

To make the edging, cut one of the striped fabric strips in half crosswise, and sew the two cut pieces to another strip, making a length of 198cm (78in). This will make one edging strip for the longer side; repeat to make the other long edge. To make the side edges, cut another strip in half from the remaining strips and add one cut piece each to the two remaining strips. Trim any excess, and apply these finished strips round the edge of your quilt.

Step 5:

Arrange the crocheted doilies over the quilt and sew on by hand. Sew tiny lace motifs on at the points where the squares meet.

And there you have it – one gorgeous autumn quilt for you to snuggle up under, and start dreaming up your next project! Need more sewing ideas? You’ll find oodles more projects, articles and tutorials right here on the Create and Craft blog!