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Pastry Week: The Fight for Survival

Pastry Week: The Fight for Survival

Pastry: notoriously difficult to make, yet incredibly satisfying when all goes well. This week commemorates pastries, tarts, parcels and balls – all made from ever-so-versatile pastry. From choux pastry and puff pastry, to shortcrust pastry and filo pastry, we’ve really got a diverse mix of techniques for you this time around.


Last night’s episode of GBBO saw its fair share of devastating disasters, soaring successes, and those all-important epic comebacks. It’s clear that even those accustomed to competitive baking can struggle when it comes to baking – but that doesn’t mean you should shy away! If we can give one piece of advice, it’s to not fear the dreaded soggy bottom; embrace your mistakes and take note what needs changing, so you can go on to improve your techniques.

As the old saying goes, there’s no time like the present. The only way to become successful in the art of pastry-making is to practise, practise, and practise some more. So, without any further ado, here’s this week’s helping of pastry recipes to get stuck into.

How to Make a Cherry Bakewell Tart


Let’s start off with a little bit of patriotism – but not the lairy kind. Peaceful patriotism, in the form of a quintessentially British pastry bake: the cherry bakewell tart. Combining a shortcrust pastry base with a layer of sharp raspberry jam, a layer of almond-rich frangipane, a layer of feathered white icing, and an optional glacé cherry, just follow our Cherry Bakewell Tart recipe to recreate this delectable English dream.

How to Make Filo Pastry Parcels


Try to refrain from cowering; filo pastry may be infamously tricky to make, but it’s entirely possible! It’s time to ditch your shop-bought sheets and get down to the real work. All you need is a little bit of determination and a lot of patience. At first, you may find filo pastry difficult to create, but with practise it’ll become second nature. Plus, who doesn’t love a luscious spinach and ricotta filling? Find our Filo Pastry Parcels recipe here.

How to Make Profiteroles


Now for something a little simpler: heavenly cream-filled profiteroles covered in a rich chocolate sauce. You’ll be glad to hear that choux pastry isn’t all that arduous to make. This light, soft and airy pastry puffs up in the oven to beautifully encase its decadent filling, providing us with a dreamy taste of France. But you don’t have to be a Parisian pâtissier to make this mouth-watering dessert; simply follow our Profiteroles recipe!

How to Make Danish Pastries


Last but by no means least, we bring you the distinguished Danish pastry – packed with flavour. This Danish specialty consists of multiple layers of light, flaky puff pastry (or ‘pâte feuilletée’) with a sweet filling. The key to success? Lots of butter – and a lot of diligence! Fancy giving it a go? Check out our Danish Pastries recipe to get another step closer to bestowing your family the most bountiful pastry-based breakfast.

Check back next week for another dose of GBBO-inspired baking fun. I wonder what Botanical Week will have in store for us…