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Papercut Fox Lightbox Tutorial with FREE Templates

Papercut Fox Lightbox Tutorial with FREE Templates

Illuminate your home with Carla Bagshaw’s papercut fox lightbox. A gorgeous piece of papercraft art that lights up, it will give any room in your home a warming, romantic feel, making it perfect for the autumn and winter seasons. What’s more, it’s super fun and easy to make. Download and print the free templates and follow Carla’s step-by-step tutorial to make this stylish fox lightbox for yourself or loved ones.

Papercut fox lightbox featured image

Time it takes to make: 3 hours

You will Need:

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Step-by-Step Papercut Fox Lightbox:

Step 1:

Print out each layer of the template and choose a colour for each layer (it works best to have the lighter layers at the front.

papercut fox lightbox step 1 image 1

Step 2:

Cut around the template with the coloured paper below so that you cut the two pieces at the same time.

papercut fox lightbox step 2 image 1

papercut fox lightbox step 2 image 2


Step 3:


papercut fox lightbox step 3 image 1

papercut fox lightbox step 3 image 2papercut fox lightbox step 3 image 3

Once each template has been cut you can use sticky foam pads to layer the coloured elements together, if you want added depth you can double up the foam pads.

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Step 4:

When all the layers are assembled add a final sheet of tissue paper as backing.

Step 5:

papercut fox lightbox step 5 image 1

You can now begin to tape down the LED lights around the back of the box frame , making sure you can still put the back of the frame on.

Step 6:

papercut fox lightbox step 6 image 1

You can glue the battery pack to the back of the frame or to the side so that you can access the switch when desired and then hang your beautiful artwork.

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