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Papercraft Home Decor From The Heart!

Papercraft Home Decor From The Heart!

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Want to create something beautiful, but don’t have many craft supplies to hand? DIY home d├ęcor and eye-catching art can be easily crafted at home with as little as a canvas and a couple of pieces of card. This beautiful heart-themed papercraft home decor project is accessible to all skill levels, a lot of fun to create, a great way to spend some time mindfully… and has a really gorgeous outcome, too! What’s not to love? Check out Carla Bagshaw’s tutorial below, and have a go at creating your own beautiful love-themed canvas to add a splash of creativity to your home – or give as a gift to that special someone.

Time it Takes to Make: 1 hour

Skill Level: Beginner – Beginner

You Will Need:

How To Make A Paper Hearts Wall Canvas:


Step 1:

Papercraft home decor tutorial step

I used a Brother ScanNCut CM900 to cut out approximately 100 small red hearts, but the number you’ll want to use will depend on a number of factors, including the size of your heart and canvas, as well as how small you would like the hearts to be.

Papercraft home decor tutorial step

A cutting machine makes really quick and easy work of this, although the hearts could also be cut by hand.

Step 2:

Papercraft home decor tutorial step

Create a template of a large heart, either by hand or on your cutting machine, and trace this onto your canvas with a pencil.

Papercraft home decor tutorial step

This needs to be done very lightly, so that it cannot be seen at the end of the project.

Step 3:

Papercraft home decor tutorial step

Shape out the small hearts so that they have some dimension, and do not sit flat to the canvas (this can be done with your fingers, or by using a pokey tool on either side of the heart).

Step 4:

Papercraft home decor tutorial step

Use a hot glue gun and, starting at the bottom of the large traced heart, begin to stick down the small hearts

Papercraft home decor tutorial step

Step 5:

Papercraft home decor tutorial step

Once you get nearer to the middle of the heart, you can begin to space them out more, creating the effect that they are blowing away.

Papercraft home decor tutorial step

As you get to the top of the heart, only one side should be filled; on the opposing side the hearts should be dispersed much further apart and should go further than the large heart template shape, as if they are being blown away from the main shape and off the edge of the canvas!

Project is complete

Step 6:


Canvas close-up

Once your papercraft home decor design is complete, leave it flat to dry to ensure all hearts remain in place.

Papercraft home decor on display

All that’s left to do then, is find a spot in your home to hang it – or wrap it up ready to gift it to that special someone!

Project on display close-up

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