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4 Papercraft Father’s Day Projects for the Kids

4 Papercraft Father’s Day Projects for the Kids

Father’s Day is just over a month away, meaning that it’s about time to start thinking about what to get him on behalf of the kids. Buying presents for dad can be a little tricky. If he’s a low-maintenance kind of guy, he’ll likely never suggest things that he’d like – but you don’t want to buy him anything for the sake of it. Crafting is the answer to your problem. Imagine how great your husband or partner will feel receiving a handmade present from his children, created especially for him! If you’re stuck for inspiration, here are some great project ideas.

What’s so great about a handcrafted gift? Crafting makes presents completely one-of-a-kind; no-one else in the world will ever receive a duplicate copy. They’re completely personalised to what colours and themes your recipient likes. Aside from being especially fun to make, crafted gifts are also made with love – something that shop-bought presents can lack. If your children want to make their dad an extra special father’s day present, we have four exciting papercraft projects for them to try their hand at. Your help may be required, too!

Beard and Bow Tie Props

Have you ever been to a wedding that had one of those photo booths with props? We bet the kids LOVED it. But why wait until the next wedding to get the kids taking funny selfies with their dad? These beard and bow tie props will guarantee smiles from the kids and their father on Father’s Day – and there are so many fun ways to use them! Simply download and print our PDF templates, personalise them, then attach them to a dowel rod or lollipop stick.

Find the method and PDF downloads here!

Animal Bookmark

This next project is a little more technical, but perfect for fathers who are bookworms. Our practical and fun project teaches you how to create an animal-themed bookmark that can be personalised with your own design and message. You’ll need a die-cutting machine and an animal die to cut out the design that’ll sit at the top of the bookmark. If this a Father’s Day project for the kids, they’ll definitely need your help here – but the results are truly beautiful.

Discover how to create this bookmark here.

Shirt and Tie Card

Receiving a Father’s Day card on the big day is a rite of passage for all fathers. It might be easier to grab a standard card off the shelf as you’re getting your weekly food shop, but is that really personal? We bet if you asked the kids to create a card instead, they’d jump up and down in excitement! This card is as clever as it is cute; print out our tie PDF template to create a shirt card complete with a tie. They could add buttons down the front to make it realistic!

Click here to download the template and see the method.

Paper Crown

Lots of kids see their father as a king – so why not give him his own handmade crown? This project is perfect for kids; it’s easy to make and can be decorated in any way they like. Simply print out two copies of our crown template, draw around it onto cardstock, then colour, paint, ink or glitter both sides of the crown. It’s pretty simple to assemble using double-sided tape or craft glue, so the kids will only need a little supervision. It’s fun for kids and their the dad!

Download the crown template and find the method here.

If you’ll soon be crafting for Father’s Day, let us know what you’re going to make! Send us a photo/comment on Facebook or Twitter, or leave us a comment on the blog below.

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