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Papercraft Dolls: Creativity for Little Hands and BIG Imaginations!

Papercraft Dolls: Creativity for Little Hands and BIG Imaginations!

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Not being able to meet up with friends and playmates can be challenging for children, but we’ve a craft project that’s sure to cheer them up! These fantastic papercraft dolls enable children of all ages to get creative and craft their friends’ portraits – a fantastic project that’s sure to raise smiles all round! Why not show them off on your next video call with friends, or use your finished papercraft dolls to create a puppet show? Opportunities to have fun continue long after the project is complete!

How to Make Papercraft Dolls:

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Using the templates

Start by downloading the free templates – you can print these and cut them out to keep and re-use as guidelines for all your characters and their outfits! Simply trace around these shapes onto the coloured and patterned paper and card of your choice, to create papercraft people, and their clothes.

Step 2:

Embellishing papercraft dolls with pipe cleaners

Now it’s time to add some personality! You could challenge your little ones to try and recreate their favourite fairytale characters, TV personalities, teachers, or friends from school. Experiment with supplies from your craft stash to create hair, faces and fun outfits! Pipe cleaners make fabulous hair, and cotton wool can be used to give Grandad a fluffy beard!

You could even add fold-over tabs to the clothing to secure them in place rather than adding them using glue, so that outfits can be mixed and matched.

Step 3:

Decorating clothing with sequins

Stickers and sequins could be added as jewellery; just be sure to use a clear-drying glue when adding tiny embellishments. Don’t forget that plain paper can also be transformed to create eye-catching outfits, using coloured pencils and pens!

Step 4:

Completed papercraft doll

Don’t just stop at one character, keep going and create a whole gang of papercraft dolls!

Papercraft dolls variant

If you have an old cardboard box you could turn it into a puppet theatre, and add lolly sticks to the back of your characters so that the children can put on a performance for everyone else in the home! Alternatively, you could encourage even more creativity and get the paints out to create a big background picture, and stick all your characters in situ; they might be playing on a beach, or having a picnic at the park!

Papercraft dolls variant

There are so many different ways to have fun with this craft project – if you have any other awesome ideas for playing with your papercraft dolls, we’d love for you to share them in the comments below!

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