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Paper Windmill Card: 3D Cardmaking with a Twist!

Paper Windmill Card: 3D Cardmaking with a Twist!

Loved by kids and adults alike, paper windmills are super-easy to make and provide endless fun. Shabneez Khan Muztar has taken inspiration from the classic paper windmill and created this amazing paper windmill card. Crafted using simple cutting and folding techniques, this card will appear as though it can spin! Once you’ve mastered the wonderful design, you can recreate it again and again for a range of occasions, all year round!

Shabneez says: “Using double-sided card, I will guide you in how to create my ‘paper windmill’ card for someone special in your life. You could recreate the card as it is, or you could use your own choice of colours and sentiment, and even personalise it!”

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You Will Need:

How to use the Classic Paper Windmill Design in your Cardmaking:

Step 1:

Score the double-sided card in half and fold.  Then trim to 15cm square to form the card base.

Paper windmill card step 1 how to score card

Step 2:

Lightly score the card diagonally and make a pencil mark at 2.5cm from the centre along each diagonal score.

Paper windmill card step 2 how to score diagonally

Step 3:

Cut from the edge to the 2.5cm mark on all 4 diagonals. At the fold on the left, cut 8cm from the bottom.

Paper windmill card step 3 how to cut card to fold

Step 4:

Fold each alternate triangle into the centre and secure with extra-strong tape or glue.

Paper windmill card step 4 how to fold card

Step 5:

Make a small tag and stamp on the sentiment.

Paper windmill card step 5 stamping sentiment tag

Step 6:

Thread baker’s twine through the button hole and add the sentiment. Adhere to the centre of the paper windmill with extra-strong adhesive.

Paper windmill card step 6 add embellishment to card

Allow to dry and then voila! Your paper windmill card is complete and ready to delight!

Fancy giving this paper windmill card project a spin? Stock up on double-sided card and get crafting a 3D greeting card… with a twist!

Love papercrafting? Check out our Papercraft Hub right here!

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