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Handmade Wedding Card: How To Add Depth With Stunning Paper Flowers

Handmade Wedding Card: How To Add Depth With Stunning Paper Flowers

When wedding season hits, celebrating the nuptials of our friends and loved ones provides the perfect excuse to get creative! Getting married is such a special time for any couple, it seems fitting that if crafting is your passion, you put your creativity to good use and produce a truly one-of-a-kind card or gift to mark their magical day! This beautiful wedding card features a traditional design with a fun twist… A gorgeous collection of handcrafted paper flowers come together to create the traditional lucky horseshoe – a wedding gift which can be hung on display in the couple’s home as a gorgeous memento of their special day. Read the talented Ann-Marie Vaux’s step-by-step tutorial below, and discover exactly how to create this beautiful papaercraft wedding card with a difference…

Paper Flowers are so popular right now, and can be created very simply and quickly to enhance many different papercraft projects. You could use your paper flowers to give a finished look to a card or a scrapbook page, to add extra decor to wrapped gifts, or even to decorate wedding venues.. there are so many different uses for them! Here, I have designed a template you can use to create some gorgeous paper flowers of your own, and included a step-by-step tutorial which will show you exactly how to create them, plus make a pretty pastel wedding horseshoe card!

You Will Need:


Step-by-Step Wedding Card:

Step 1:

Download and print the paper flower template out, twice. (Note the numbers at the side of the flowers.)

Step 2:

Cut out the flowers and the flower centres.

Step 3:

Separate the flowers by selecting flowers 1,3,5 and then 2,4,6 together, and the centres. You will need to make 7 flowers.

Step 4:

Using a selection of pastel inks, colour all the flower layers and the centres.

Step 5:

Using a Fine Liner pen in white, enhance the dots on the flower centre

Step 6:

Use a Pokey tool or similar to shape the petals of the flowers by curling them around the tip.

Step 7:

Using wet glue, begin assembling the flowers. Add a dot of glue to the centre of the largest flower, and add the next size down of flower on top of it. Add the flower so the petals are not directly on top of each other.

Step 8:

Repeat the previous step to add the smallest flower layer.

Step 9:

Attach 3d foam to the flower centre circle, and attach this to the flower centre.

Step 10:

Create more flowers folowing steps 2 to 9, in lots of pastel colours.

Step 11:

Cut a square layer in gold cardstock that is approx ½ inch smaller than the 8x8inch blank base card to make a matt for the card, then attach it to the card front.

Step 12:

Next cut a square of ivory card stock approx 1/2 inch smaller then the previous gold layer – do not attach it to the card yet.

Step 13:

Cut 2 holes approx ½ inch from the top of the ivory cardstock square, the holes should be approx. 3 ½ inches apart from one another.

Step 14:

Thread the gold ribbon through the punched holes on the ivory layer, to create a handle-type loop.

Step 15:

Secure the ends of the gold ribbon with double-sided adhesive tape.

Step 16:

Then attach the layer to the card front.

Step 17:

Add 2 large gold crystals at either side of the ribbon to slightly hide the hole where the ribbon comes through.

Step 18:

Add the circular sentiment of your choice to the centre of the card.

Step 19:

Now you can start adding the flowers; begin by attaching a flower in the centre, below the sentiment.

Step 20:

Carry on adding the flowers, bringing the horseshoe shape up towards the ribbon.

Step 21:

Add lots of crystal gems around the flowers to give the horseshoe more of a defined shape.

Step 22:

Your card is complete! Now there’s nothing left to do but get your glad rags on, and get ready for the wedding reception!

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