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Paper Flower Headband DIY Project: Blooms That Last!

Paper Flower Headband DIY Project: Blooms That Last!

Flower headband tutorial title

Both adults and children alike will delight in these beautiful flower crowns bursting with colour! Not only is it a gorgeous way to add vibrancy to your look on a spring or summer's day, but this pretty flower headband is great for special occasions like parties and weddings too! You need only a few materials, and can get as creative as you like with the colours - delicate pastels to suit a spring wedding, or bold and bright for a colourful festival look!

DIY Paper Flower Headband Tutorial

Step 1:

Preparing your crepe paper

First, cut your crepe paper into two strips – the first measuring 10cm, the other 8cm. You want the grain of the crepe paper to run vertically, as shown.

Step 2:

Cutting petals

Cut your large petals out of the 10cm strip. To do this, fold your paper in half vertically, and cut into it so that when it folds out, it takes a heart shape. You can also cut into it further if you’d like your petals to have more detail. Cut your medium petals out of the 8cm strip in the same way. The small petals should be cut into a pointy oval shape.

Step 3:

Flower headband tutorial step

Now, gently stretch out each petal with your fingers, so it creates a cup shape.

Step 4:

Flower headband tutorial step

Next, cut an 8cm strip of yellow crepe paper. Cut small slits as shown above, and then use your fingers to gently twist these.

Step 5:

Flower headband tutorial step

Now take your florist wire, and stick it into the styrofoam ball. Next, take a large petal and glue it around the ball.

Step 6:

Flower headband tutorial step

Apply a small dab of glue to the ball, and secure one end of your yellow crepe, and start wrapping around the centre.

Step 7:

Flower headband tutorial step

Now you’ve made the centre of the flower, you can start applying the petals. Start with the smallest, and work your way around the centre, overlapping as you go.

Flower headband tutorial step

Then apply the medium and large petals in the same way. I find 7 of each petal works well, but you may want to experiment with more or less!

Flower headband tutorial step

Step 8:

Flower headband tutorial step

Once you’ve finished, and the glue has dried, you can snip the wire at the base of the flower. Make at least 5 flowers, and finish with a few leaves made of green crepe.

Step 9:

Flower headband tutorial step

Onto the flower crown! Take about half a metre of twine wrapped wire, and wrap around your head so it overlaps by half. Twist the ends together, so you form a circle that will fit your head.

Step 10:

Flower headband tutorial step

Cut some leaf shapes out of green felt, and glue these to the front and back of the crown. This will be the base you will attach your flowers too.

Flower headband tutorial step

Step 11:

Attaching each bloom

Once the glue has dried, stick on your flowers one by one. I find working from the centre out works best, but you can do whatever works best for you. Finish with a few leaves made out of green crepe.

Project in progress

Once complete, there's nothing left to do, but try it on for size!

Completed project being modelled

Time to put on your flower headband, and find the next craft project to get stuck into! We've plenty more awesome tutorials, projects and articles to keep you busy - find a world of creative papercraft inspiration here on the Create and Craft blog!

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