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Paper Cutting Templates for Christmas: Create a Beautiful Bauble!

Paper Cutting Templates for Christmas: Create a Beautiful Bauble!

Looking for a simple yet stunning way to craft your own intricate Christmas decorations this year? Carla Bagshaw’s stunning papercut artwork is a sight to behold… and you too can create your own beautiful little papercut decorations, in time to adorn your Christmas tree this December. Simply download Carla’s free paper cutting templates right here, and grab yourself a craft knife and a cutting mat! These templates can be printed out onto white card, or you could coordinate your Christmas decorations with your existing Christmas colourscheme using coloured card… the choice is yours! Check out Carla’s step-by-step tutorial below, and start crafting for Christmas!

You only need a few basic papercrafting supplies to create this simple yet stunning Christmas tree decoration. Not only is it a beautiful way to add handcrafted decoration to your tree , but paper cutting can actually be a relaxing way to take some time out, too!

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Paper cutting templates - finished image 1

Cut away all grey areas with a craft knife, and then cut around the outer circles.

Step 2:

Paper cutting templates - finished image 2

Turn each piece over so no print marks from the template can be seen. Use foam pads around the edges to create distance between layers. You can cut an extra 10cm circle as backing if required.

Step 3:

Paper cutting templates - finished image 3

Then wrap all layer edges in a strip of white paper (32cm in length, width will depend on the depth of your finished piece).

Step 4:

Paper cutting templates - finished collection image

Finally, simply add a gorgeous festive ribbon to finish, and your papercut decoration is ready to hang on the Christmas tree! Why not try creating more designs of your own, or re-create this design, and give as gifts to friends and family for their own Christmas trees?

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