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Make Your Own Paper Chinese Money Plant

Make Your Own Paper Chinese Money Plant

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Paper plants are a super cute way of filling small spaces in the home. You can make them as bright or as muted as you like, coordinate them with your home decor, and place them absolutely anywhere without having to worry about light or heat. Best of all? You can’t kill them! So if you’re not as green fingered as you’d like to be, check out Carla Bagshaw’s tutorial below and forget about the local garden centre – learn how to craft your own paper Chinese money plant instead!

Time to Make: 2 hours

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

You Will Need:

Step One:

Paper Chinese money plant tutorial step

Take a large (I used A3) sheet of watercolour paper and create a wash by painting the page with water so that it is damp (but not too wet). Begin to add watercolour paint in the colours you require; I used a pink, purple and green and covered the whole sheet. Leave to dry.

Step 2:

Paper Chinese money plant tutorial step

Once dry, we need to form some leaf shapes. I drew elongated heart shapes using a pencil on top of the dried watercolour so I had a reference (don’t be too precise, you want some variation among the leaves). Cut as many as you can fit on the page; mine are around 3 cms long.

Step 3:

Paper Chinese money plant tutorial step

Cut out all of your leaves, and draw the spine, veins and outline onto each one; use different colours if you’d like to add more variation. I predominantly used a metallic silver for mine.

Step 4:

Paper Chinese money plant tutorial step

Take your plant pot (you could even paint this if you wanted to go a step further!) and fill it with oasis. If you are using fewer leaves, then you can also add small pebbles on top of this to hide the oasis.

Step 5:

Paper Chinese money plant tutorial step

Using wire snips, cut pieces of wire that are approximately 10-15cms long. They should be varying lengths. Push a wire into the oasis quite far down. Then use hot glue on the back of the leaves and stick them to the wire so that they hang down on the outside of the pot.

Step 6:

Paper Chinese money plant tutorial step

As you add more leaves, you will see how dense they need to be to make the plant look as full as possible. Be sure to vary your leaf colours on each wire.

Step 7:

Finished project

When you have enough leaves hanging over, use shorter wires in the centre to fill in any gaps and to finish the plant off.

Finished project on display

Once your paper Chinese money plant is complete, you simply need to decide where in your home you’d like to display it. The great thing about paper plants is you don’t need to worry about them getting too hot near radiators, or needing enough light from windows… this little beauty will be happy anywhere!

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