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Easy Origami Ideas: Tutorials You Can Try At Home

Easy Origami Ideas: Tutorials You Can Try At Home

At Create and Craft, we love all things papercraftpaper itself is such a versatile medium you can do so much with! Origami is a fantastic example of this. Originating in Japanese culture, this ancient art of paper folding is widely popular today… there’s no end to the creative origami projects you can produce using just a sheet of paper! We’ve compiled a selection of our favourite easy origami step by step projects for you to have a go at at home.

Easy Origami Butterfly:

Here’s an easy origami step by step project that’s just perfect for sunny summer – how to create an origami butterfly! This fantastic origami step by step is the perfect way to unleash your creativity on just a single square of paper… nothing else required! You could work with a plain colour, a double-sided sheet, a pretty print or something else entirely, and once you bring it to life, you could use your origami butterfly to create fun spring home decor, to add interest to card fronts and gift tags, to produce a beautiful butterfly mobile… the possibilities are endless! Read Carla Bagshaw’s origami butterfly how-to here, and get folding!

Easy Origami Dress:

Origami Dress Image

This origami dress tutorial is the perfect origami step by step for papercrafting fashionistas! Not only are these gorgeous little origami dresses simply divine in their own right, but they’d also make great card toppers or scrapbook embellishments! Check out the step by step tutorial and origami instruction video right here.

Easy Origami Bags:

These fantastic little origami bags are possibly the most functional origami project you’ll find! Why? Not only do they look super cute, but they’re also super useful! Use these adorable little origami bags to create your own wedding favours, fill them sweets and give them to children at parties, or use them as gift boxes for small  presents like jewellery! Simply select a beautiful sheet of printed paper that co-ordinates with your event theme or decor, and follow the easy origami step by step instructions right here!

Easy Origami Fish:

A brilliant craft for kids, an origami fish is one of the simplest animals to create using the origami technique, and it’s really fun too! This origami fish how-to is the perfect craft to keep the kids busy in the school holidays. Once you’ve completed the origami fish, you can add colourful stripes and scales by layering coloured paper over it or by colouring it in – the fun never stops! Check out the full origami fish instructions right here.

Origami Supplies:

Origami is such a fantastic hobby to get started in, because you need no more than a piece of paper, and a little patience! At Create and Craft, we stock all kinds of gorgeous papers for you to get creative with, from plain paper to coloured paper, patterned paper and more, as well as supplies designed specifically for origami enthusiasts! Stock up today, and share all your origami creations with us as you make them!

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