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Never Ending Card Tutorial [+ Video!]

Never Ending Card Tutorial [+ Video!]

Introducing the never ending card: a four-faced fully interactive card that just never stops… literally! This incredible cardmaking design is one every serious papercrafter should get to grips with – it’s the perfect way to wow any recipient, whether you’re making a birthday card, a Christmas card, or something else entirely! Check out the talented Vikki Gorham‘s never ending card tutorial below, and discover the secret behind this immersive card!

The Never Ending Card has been around for some time… and yet it continues to amaze recipients who simply can’t work out how it’s constructed! Well in this never ending card tutorial, I’m going to show you exactly how its done, so you can create your very own never ending card! They are fun to make, and once you have mastered one, you can make them for any occasion. Want to make more than just never ending cards? You can use the same never ending card template to create a fantastic never ending photo album too!

Time it Takes to Make: One Hour plus – once you have mastered one, you could pre cut your base cards using the template , so they are ready just to decorate.

Skill Level: Intermediate

You Will Need:

Never Ending Card Tutorial:

Step 1:

Take a sheet of 12 x 12 Core card, and cut it using your paper trimmer to 6 x 12 inches. (You can get two cards from one sheet of 12 x 12.)

Step 2:

Never ending card tutorial step by step image

Place the card into your score board and score on the 6 inch side, at 1.5 inches and 4.5 inches, the length of your card.

Never ending card tutorial step by step image

Using your paper trimmer, cut your card so that you are left with 4 3 x 6 inch panels.

Step 3:

Never ending card tutorial step by step image

Using your bone folder, make sure you crease your score lines on both sides; this will help your card fold better.

Never ending card tutorial step by step image

Take two of your panels, and create a one-inch box on each one as per the photo above. This is the only area you will apply glue to.

Take your other two panels and adhere these vertically across, making sure everything is lined up.

Step 4:

Now to see it all come together! You’ll see in the quick never ending card tutorial video above how the card opens and folds, and exactly why it’s super-useful to mark your card out now, before you start adding embellishments. So mark an F on the front of your card and a directional arrow, as shown. Keeping your card upright as you open each section, again mark a directional arrow, and on your last section, mark a B for ‘back.’ This will help you when positioning your embellishments, especially if you have directional papers or words. Use your bone folder to crease all your score lines, and voila! You now have four sides to your never ending card!

Step 5:

Never ending card tutorial final image

Decorate using papers, stamps, die cuts, stickers for any occasion; these also would be great to add small photos to!

Never ending card tutorial folding image

Remember to use your directional arrows to make sure you position everything the right way up!

Never ending card tutorial folding image

Endless Card Top Tips:

Make sure your card measurements are precise, and line your four base panels evenly. Also remember to only glue in the one inch squares see Step 3)!

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