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Needle Felting For Beginners: How To Make A Flower

Needle Felting For Beginners: How To Make A Flower

Needle felting is all the rage in the crafting world this year – and it’s easy to see why! This fantastic little craft enables you to create adorable little creatures, beautiful flowers, showstopping butterflies and more! The simple flower below is an easy beginners’ needle felting project, and teaches you how to use water-soluble paper and wool batts to needle felt a delicate flower. The water-soluble paper acts as a base to felt onto, but also as a fabric stiffener when you dissolve it at the end!

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Time it Takes to Make: 30-45 minutes

Skill level: beginner

You Will Need:

  • Water-soluble paper
  • Wool batts in pink and yellow

NB. To make a flower of about 6 x 6cm you need 1g of wool in total – so not very much at all! You can scale the size of the flowers up or down.

Step-by-Step Needle Felting Instructions:

The felting needle that you are using is a specialist needle, and has a sharp end with notches along it. By stabbing the needle in a straight line in and out of the wool, you are tangling up the fibres. They get tighter, more felted together, and the air gets squeezed out, which in turn allows you to shape the wool into a felted object or flat fabric. The shape will shrink in size as it gets firmer. You can use the felting mat as an underlay to protect your needle. When stabbing the needle into a flat shape, the needle will sink into the foam mat and the wool fibres get pushed through too. Therefore you have to keep lifting the piece off the mat regularly so it does not get fastened onto it. Remember, felting needles are sharp! Please take care of the needles around others… and mind your fingers whilst you work!

Step 1:

Use the flower template, lay it under the water-soluble paper, and draw the outline onto the water-soluble paper using your soft pencil.

Step 2:

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Lay the paper on your felting mat. Take a small pinch of wool, and lay it onto the water soluble paper, overlapping the outline of your motif. Make sure to only take a small amount of wool, to create a thin layer. It is easier to add more than to have a large amount which will be hard to felt down and takes away the delicate look of the flower.

Step 3:

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Using your coarse felting needle, stab in a line along where your drawn outline is underneath the wool. This tacks the outline in place.

Step 4:

Needle felting for beginners project image

Fold any fibres outside the outline back onto the main shape. The tacked fibres will help to keep a neat outline. Felt all over the wool. Remember to peel the paper away from your mat occasionally, to prevent it becoming attached.

Step 5:

Needle felting for beginners project image

Continue working around the shape in this manner. You may want to change to your medium needle to give the flower a neater and smoother finish. Check the flower by holding it against the light. If you can see a thin or weak area, add a little more wool to ensure an even cover.

Step 6:

Felted flower image

You can also refine the outlines of your shape. Instead of stabbing straight down with your needle, tilt the needle so that it is on a lower angle, aiming directly into the side of your motif. This works particularly well where you need a sharp ‘V’ shape (such as between petals).

Step 7:

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Refine the edges of the motif as much as possible before cutting out the motif.

Step 8:

Felted flower image

Finally add a yellow centre by felting down a pinch of wool in the middle of the flower. Dissolve the water soluble paper by dipping it in water for 2 seconds, and squeezing the excess water out on a towel. You can shape the flower into more of a cupped position and leave to dry (leave in an egg cup for example) and it will stay in that position! If you need to neaten the edges further once dry, use scissors to do so.

Why not try varying the flowers by using different colours, and even mixing the colours to create some truly stunning finished creations?

Needle felted flowers image

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