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National Cake AND Bramley Apple Pie Week!

National Cake AND Bramley Apple Pie Week!

We come bearing extra special news this week. Well, if you’ve been living in your own little baking bubble. The 3rd October to the 9th October marks National Cake Week – a celebration of the art of cake making. But this week doesn’t only acknowledge the indulgent cake, oh no. For it’s also National Bramley Apple Pie Week – praising our favourite humble baked dessert, using one of the most popular cooking apples out there.


So, in true appreciation for both the cake and the apple pie, we’ve put together four decadent recipes for you and the family to put to the test. What better excuse to treat yourself?

Marble Cake


Marble is a material that radiates grandeur and the utmost luxury – that’s why this first cake is especially fitting for National Cake Week. The marble cake emulates the look of marble, featuring a streaked, multi-tonal appearance created by combining different shades of cake batter. First appearing the late 19th century, the marble cake truly is a sight to behold. Check out our Marble Cake recipe to find out how you can make your own.

Angel Food Cake


Another cake gaining popularity in the late 19th century is the angel food cake, or ‘angel cake’. This extremely light and fluffy bake is made using stiff egg whites and cream of tartar – but with no butter. The delicate texture this heavenly combination creates is said to bear resemblance to the ‘food of angels’; indulgence without the fat content. If you’d like to try your hand at this American classic bake, take a look at our Angel Food Cake recipe.

Battenberg Cake


The Battenberg cake is another sponge praised for its supremacy, thought to have first come about in the late 19th century and named in honour of a royal marriage. Featuring four long, rectangular sponges joined together with rich apricot jam, the Battenberg cake (or ‘window cake’) has a distinctive checker board pattern running throughout, typically in hues of pink and yellow. The cake is finally covered with a layer of marzipan for a striking finish. Want to recreate this royal treat? Our Battenberg Cake recipe has the answers.

Bramley Apple Pie


Finally, we’ve got one for Bramley Apple Pie Week. The apple pie is thought to have originated during the Middle Ages in Western Europe, combining a standard pie crust with layers of sliced apples. In Britain, the angelic apple pie is a pudding of immense popularity, generally enjoyed warm with cream, custard or ice cream. What could make it even better? Using Bramley apples as the core ingredient! These English-born apples turn golden and fluffy once baked, making for the perfect apple pie. Check out our Bramley Apple Pie recipe to see for yourself.