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Bullet Journal Mood Tracker + More Self Care Ideas

Bullet Journal Mood Tracker + More Self Care Ideas

As we all know, indulging in craft and creativity is not only an enjoyable way to while away the time, but it can also provide a fantastic opportunity to think about our mental health and well-being. We asked Carla Bagshaw to explore just some of the benefits of bullet journaling, and share her own hints, tips, and design ideas to help you discover exactly how turning to journaling can help you cope with life’s challenges. Read on to discover Carla’s bullet journal mood tracker, sleep log, gratitude spread and more, and why she finds them so useful.

Bullet Journal Mood Tracker and Self Care Page Ideas Title

Bullet journals are incredibly versatile. Both practical and beautiful, they can be whatever you want them to be. Alongside creating diary spreads, family appointments and food planners, I use mine to track my mental health. It allows me to see where my moods are, how my sleep is going and also how to quiet the constant buzz in my head!

When times are so uncertain and, for some, super stressful, allowing yourself the time to reflect and create will help focus your mind on positivity and well-being.

Here, I’ve produced some trackers that you may find useful. Most of all, have fun and be creative! Remember, a bujo spread can be minimalist, it can be busy and bright, or it can be a work of art. Go with your mood on the day, it’s a reflection of where you are.

Bullet Journal Mood Tracker…

Bullet journal mood tracker page design

Adding a mood tracker to your bullet journal allows you to monitor your daily overall moods. This is important for me, as I have anxiety, so this way I can look back over the month and track any patterns.

This spread features a mandala I made using a pair of compasses and some colouring pencils. On the left, I have created a key with certain colours. Each day I can fill in a colour on the mandala’s number dial which corresponds to the key. This gives me an overall visual at month’s end.

Bullet Journal Sleep Tracker…

Bullet journal sleep tracker page design

Sleep trackers are one of my go-to trackers and I didn’t realise their value until I actually started using one. When my mental health deteriorates, so too does my sleep pattern. It’s important for me to keep track of how much rest I am getting per night, and how that relates to my stress levels. This is a simple circle tracker, with one ‘column’ for each day. I simply colour in a block for each hour I have slept. This gives a rather beautiful and useful end image.

Bullet Journal Gratitude Log…

Bullet journal gratitude log page design

It’s so easy to get bogged down in the things that feel pressured and stressful, and it is sometimes hard to see the good in the day. I force myself to write in a gratitude log every day, because it changes my perspective on how the day actually went. I always fill mine in before bed, allowing me to sleep with a positive last thought. Simply write out the numbers of the month. Each day write a couple of things (family, blessings, etc.) that have lifted your spirits that day. I love the positive impact this has on my thought processes.

One Line a Day…

Bullet journal one line a day page design

A ‘one line a day’ diary is a hugely popular thing… mainly because we are all busy! This isn’t about appointments, but about writing key info on your day that you can look back on and remember, and that may otherwise get forgotten. Remember, bujo doesn’t have to be complex. Write out your month numbers and colour every alternative line, just to add some ‘pretty’.

Bullet Journal Habit Tracker…

Bullet journal habit tracker page design

Habit trackers are my motivation. I choose key areas in my life (for some this might be exercise, water intake, leisure pursuits, etc.) and mark down each day for colouring in one block for each ‘habit’. If I have read, or crafted, I block out that day’s square. I can then look back and work out what I am not paying enough attention to, or what I have been really accomplishing each month.

Self Care…

Bullet journal self care page design

I think we all let self-care sometimes go by the wayside. Life is busy, right? But it’s important to take some time out. I write a list of all the things that I know are good for my mental health, and make myself do at least one thing each day, and do it consciously. It ensures that I am not abandoning my own well-being, we cannot pour from an empty jug.

Things I Can Control…

Bullet journal things I can control page design

When I am in the midst of an anxiety attack, I find it incredibly hard to think of anything I can control. But when my mind is more peaceful, I create a new list each month of things I can control. It is a daily reminder for me that some things are more important than the immediate stress or anxiety I am feeling. I have used this when having a panic attack, alongside breathing techniques, and find it grounding in the moment.

A journal is about the biggest gift you can give to yourself. It is a beautiful space, both personal and peaceful, and, in my opinion, is an incredibly powerful tool for mental health.

We’ve plenty more bullet journal page ideas where these came from, as well as printable templates, beginner’s guides and more… check out the rest of our journaling articles right here!

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