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Mixed Media Collage Tutorial: Create Stand-Out Art Easily!

Mixed Media Collage Tutorial: Create Stand-Out Art Easily!

Project title

Mixed media collage projects are a great way for a beginner to get into mixed media! In order for a project to be classed as ‘mixed media’, it’s usually created by two or more different mediums. So, by creating a mixed media collage, you are using mediums you may have used before in papercraft… but now in a slightly different way! When creating collages, try using lots of different papers, from scrapbook paper and napkins, to newspapers, magazine paper, and even book paper!

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Mixed media collage tutorial step

Paint the canvas with blue paint and spray the gilt on top.

Step 2:

Mixed media collage tutorial step

Tear pieces of paper from the scrapbook pad, glue to the canvas, and then add glue over the top of the paper.

Helen’s helpful hint: When tearing the paper, make sure to tear so that the core of the paper is showing through. This gives another dimension to the paper layering.

Step 3:

Mixed media collage tutorial step

Continue with more pieces of paper overlapping them.

Helen’s helpful hint: The easiest way to glue the paper to the canvas is by spreading the glue with your finger. This will help to cover the whole piece of paper, but with no texture or lumps that using a paintbrush might otherwise cause. This will allow the paper to be smooth on the canvas.

Step 4:

Mixed media collage tutorial step

Stamp your design onto the canvas.

Helen’s helpful hint: When using a stamp, particularly if it is a large stamp, it would be helpful to use a stamp platform.

Step 5:

Mixed media collage tutorial step

Paint the image with the coloured pearls; I used fuchsia and purple for the dress and shoes, the champagne coloured pearls for the skin, and gold 3D Dora paint for the hair.

Helen’s helpful hint: If you find that, when painting the stamp with the paint, you have covered some of the black lines, use a fine liner over the top just to make the lines defined again.

Step 6:

Mixed media collage tutorial step

Dribble the baby blue coloured pearls down the canvas to create rain. Allow all the paint to dry.

Step 7:

Using your finger, add the wax to the edge of the canvas.

Step 8:

Mixed media collage tutorial step

Using font FO-AOO8 from the ScanNCut, write ‘Learn to dance in the rain…’, resize to 1.15  by 1.66 inches, fill in the letters, and draw with the blue pen and universal pen holder. Tear around the edges, and glue to the canvas with the decoupage glue.

Finished project

Now your mixed media collage is complete! You can give it as a handcrafted gift, or hang it pride of place in your own home. If you use a journal or sketchpad, you can also create mixed media art designs in this too – it’s a fantastic way to get creative, and pass an afternoon!

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