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See in the Spring With a Mich Turner Mother’s Day Treat

See in the Spring With a Mich Turner Mother’s Day Treat

There’s no tastier way to say ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ this year, than by indulging your sweet tooth with this sensational springtime bake from the incredibly talented Mich Turner! Read on to discover why baking is a renowned Mother’s Day tradition, and exactly what goes into to baking this beautiful spring-themed lemon cake!

Mothering Sunday is the third Sunday of Lent, and was traditionally when the girls in domestic service were allowed home to visit their mothers.  They would bake a take-home cake – a traditional Simnel Cake – which is a lightly spiced vine fruit cake, baked with stout and brandy.  The cake would have layers of almond paste marzipan in the centre and on the top,  which would be toasted.  In more recent years, this Simnel Cake has become synonymous with Easter – with the addition of 11 toasted marzipan balls to represent the 11 faithful apostles!

Mothers’ Day is now celebrated in the UK on the same third Sunday of Lent – but the traditional Simnel Cake has been usurped for more popular family favourites such a lemon, carrot, vanilla or chocolate cake.

For my Mothers’ Day Cake, I have chosen a fresh baked lemon cake, layered with lemon curd buttercream and optional toasted pistachios.

It is challenging to make a cake by the ‘creamed method’ over the winter months, as the incessant cold weather renders the ‘butter at room temperature’ pretty solid! I tend to choose cakes made by the melted method at this time of year – think carrot, ginger or sticky date cake where the butter (or oil) and sugar are first melted together.

Thankfully, as British Summer Time beckons, the days are getting longer and spring is definitely on its way – this is the perfect time to wake up the fresher, lighter flavours and celebrate the arrival of spring in true style.

The size of cake you choose to bake may well depend on how many people will be celebrating this special day.  I have chosen a family-size 8 inch cake – but you can halve this recipe for a 6 inch, or double this recipe for a party-size 10 inch, and adjust the baking time by 15-20 minutes up or down as necessary.

For the full recipe, along with step-by-step instructions on how to create this beautiful cake in time for Mother’s Day, view the printable recipe right here.

Not only will you learn how to make a beautiful fresh baked lemon cake, layered with lemon curd buttercream and toasted pistachios, but also how to create these stunning butterfly cake decorations!

They are a little time-consuming, yet simple and satisfying to make, and can be made well in advance.  Changing the colour, style, size and decoration transforms these charming bugs, and they are great to have prepared and stored, ready to add the finishing touch to any last minute cakes or cupcakes!

Will you be saying ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ with cake this Mothering Sunday? Let us know in the comments below!

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