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Maz Makes… Valentine’s Day Gifts

Maz Makes… Valentine’s Day Gifts

Whether you are one of the lucky ones who gets spoilt rotten on Valentine’s Day, or someone who’s other half refuses to take the most romantic day of the year seriously, you’ll simply love our resident crafter Maz’s take on getting Creative for February 14th! Here’s her latest entry, on making the most of the opportunity to ‘spread the love’ this Valentine’s Day!

Married as I am to someone who has steadfastly refused to ‘get sucked into all this commercial nonsense,’ Valentine’s Day has long been a bitter-sweet day for me. It can easily leave you feeling left out – often for no real reason at all, but left out all the same!

Looking around, I notice quite a few other people feeling much the same, and have come to the conclusion that – commercialised or not – the day DOES give us an opportunity to ‘spread the love’.

I think it’s great that the day has been expanded to showing love to anyone special to you… I love the excuse to do something fun and unexpected to make someone feel special and appreciated!

And the added bonus – it gives me an excuse to do some crafting!

My chosen Valentines for this year are a neighbour who has had a very difficult start to the new year, and a family member who seems a tad lonely.

As luck would have it, my granddaughter was due for a sleepover – she’s my never-fail craft buddy and guaranteed to get a project going!

The day before her visit I did a little shopping for materials – some heart-shaped mini container blanks and also some coaster blanks that I thought we could decorate… and perhaps fill the boxes with some nice choccies?

What we used:

What We Did:

We began by giving each item to be decorated an undercoat of white gesso; it’s not essential but recommended for a good finish.

Next, we chose a background colour for the containers and coasters. We tried to get a theme going too, but you could decorate each item individually if they are to be given separately.

While the paint was drying, we chose pages from the magazines that featured patches of colours we liked, and sprayed these with lacquer to seal the colour.

Using the punch, we punched out a selection of different coloured hearts, arranging them into groups of colours.

When it came to working out a design for the placement of the hearts, we decided on a random scatter of hearts in a pretty selection of colours, with just one or two reds.

Using Mod Podge, we carefully pasted these onto the boxes, lids and coasters, taking care to smooth out all wrinkles and air bubbles from under the heart shapes.

Once complete, we gave all the outer and upper surfaces two coats of Mod Podge to even out the surface, allowing each coat to dry before continuing.

As final finishing touches, I added some parallel rows of dots (a smaller contrasting coloured dot inside a slightly larger one) around the border of the top and base of one box, and a circle of hearts around the other. I added a similar heart pattern to the coasters.

I then brushed on a number of coats of Mod Podge, allowing each coat to dry before painting on the next. Finally, I sanded the pieces until smooth, wiped with a slightly damp cloth to remove all dust, and carefully applied my final coat of Podge. This stage is optional, but I Iike how the decoupage seems to sink right into the surface, giving a beautiful finish.

To add a lovely red lining to the boxes, I traced a template of the box lid and base, and cut four of these shapes out of felt. I also measured the depth of the boxes, and cut a length of that to line the sides. The felt was perfect for creating a soft base for the coasters too, so I cut eight tiny circles to fix underneath these.

These shapes were pasted into the boxes using glue and voila – they were ready for their choccies!

So while I don’t do the traditional romantic Valentine’s Day, I certainly do think it’s a great opportunity to show some love, and an excellent excuse to get crafting!

Who’s on your list this year?

Until next time, Happy Valentine’s Crafting!


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