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Maz Makes… is Back in the UK at Last!

Maz Makes… is Back in the UK at Last!

Our favourite crafter Maz has been enjoying an extended tour of South Africa since the end of October… and we’re so excited to announce that she’s finally back in the UK! Sorry about the weather Maz – but we’re so pleased to have you back! Read on to discover what she’s learnt from her travels, and how a whole new approach to crafting will transform her 2018!

It’s hard to believe that less than a week ago when I stepped outside, the sun was shining brightly and this was my view…

I’m sure you’ll understand when I tell you that it has taken me almost four solid days and nights to even begin readjusting back to life in the UK! I’d forgotten just how dark and dank January can be!

New Ideas and Goal Setting

Fortunately my head is bursting with so many new ideas. (Hopefully you were able to read my last blog here, where I shared my hopes and aspirations for 2018, not to mention a whole new perspective on crafting.) This has spurred me on to ignore my deep desire to creep back to bed and bury myself under the duvet.  I’m so impatient to get on with some crafting!  It’s such a pity that mundane matters such as unpacking and laundering a mountain of washing have to come first!

As with all new plans, it is one thing to set yourself new goals, but quite another to find ways of actually achieving them!  Generally, my crafting projects spring up out of a specific upcoming event and the need for some or other article, as you will have seen in earlier blogs.  My crafting shed and the various corners where I stash my equipment are testament to my unstructured and, truth be told, rather haphazard approach. I’m quite ashamed of how little I can actually show for all the material I have accumulated over the years. I am now determined to make the most of everything I have at my disposal!

Crafting Resources

Since my trip, I have become so aware of how fortunate we are here in the UK, to have so many sources of inspiration, materials, guidance and support so readily available.  While travelling I met many, many people who, whether for financial or other reasons, can only begin a project after a very drawn out and difficult process of finding and adapting materials and equipment.

Recycling takes on a whole new meaning for me now, having seen crafters hammering tin cans flat to make material for metal models and sculpture work, not to mention the amazing articles made using only the ring pulls from cans!  Plastic carrier bags are collected and used to weave a huge variety of articles, and people grind local rocks to get particular shades of rock dust from which they make paint to decorate their work.  Household materials such as floor polish are used to burnish finished articles, achieving superbly smooth and glowing finishes.  I could go on and on…

Getting Organised

Having to fit their crafting into very full lives, crafters usually find ways of making their craft portable, and use any odd moment to work on it.  Time is precious, and the love of their crafting is such, that even a few minutes carved out of a busy day is spent working on a project.

All this has changed my perspective somewhat – my first crafting activity since my return has been to go through my materials to try to get some order into them. Seeing how other crafters use their materials has given me many ideas for different techniques, and the effects that can be achieved. Reminding myself of what I have (not to mention coming across quite a few unfinished articles and worse, projects not yet even started!) has spurred me on to get going again.

Slightly tidier craft cupboard!

My next task will be to decide on some projects that can fit into my lifestyle. I am determined to look at all aspects of my life, to find areas which could be enriched with articles that have been handmade to reflect the needs and personalities of both the crafter and the recipient, using carefully chosen materials.

Making Time For Crafting

I am also determined to ring-fence time for crafting! Crafting is important to me; it’s time I set some regular time aside for it.  I would also like to make some aspects of my crafting portable, the way I saw others do on my trip. My own mother used to do it too – her knitting bag went everywhere with her! Perhaps my first project this year should be a portable crafting bag?!

While tidying up, I discovered the cutest little embroidery aide bought after watching some clever ladies at a craft demonstration– watch this space – if I can master it, perhaps I’ll use it to decorate my new bag?

‘til next time, crafters!


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