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Maz Makes… Eggshell Crafts With a Twist!

Maz Makes… Eggshell Crafts With a Twist!

Looking for quirky Easter egg crafting ideas that are a little different, this Easter? Then you’ll just love Maz’s latest crafty contribution! Taking a slight detour from the traditional Easter eggshell journey, Maz has created a stunning mosaic effect photo frame with an eggstraordinary twist! Read on to find out exactly how she completed her latest gorgeous upcycling project, and how you can have a go too!


Easter is creeping up at a rate of knots and suddenly everything seems chocolate egg related!  I know Easter is early this year, but… REALLY!  How did this happen – it seems just yesterday that we were packing away the Christmas decorations and struggling to remember our New Year resolutions? I haven’t even begun to shed those extra pounds the mince pies and Christmas treats left me with – and now there is chocolate wherever I look!

I’ve decided to ban chocolate until Easter Sunday morning, and to focus on all things healthy ‘til then.  I WILL find ways of preparing for Easter which do not include chocolate!  This decision has quickly brought me face to face with eggs of the natural sort – rather than the chocolate variety – which I am now incorporating into both my diet, and my crafting.

For a while now, I have been developing a growing love for mosaic, and recently read about some crafty people using eggshells to create mosaics… so I thought now might be the perfect time to have a go at this myself!

You Will Need:

Here’s What I Did…

Step 1:

I began collecting, washing and air drying egg shells when using eggs, instead of disposing of them, and soon had quite a handy stash!

Step 2:

I scavenged around in the loft for something to decorate with mosaic, and came across some old picture frames.

Step 3:

I painted the chosen frame black using acrylic paint, to provide the perfect background for my mosaic.

Step 4:

Using gold metallic crafters’ paint, I painted the egg shells – quite a fiddly process! The eggs were quite difficult to hold, and not all eggs took the paint evenly. When I do it again I will first give the eggs a base coat. As it was, I quite liked the mottled look some dried to, and decided to go with what I had.

Step 5:

Then it was out with the old Mod Podge! I painted a layer on a small section of the frame.

Step 6:

Breaking off a portion of eggshell, I placed it on a ‘podged’ area and pressed it flat with a finger. Some cracked and separated into pieces, and some pieces needed to be teased apart a little. I found using a pair of tweezers and a craft knife was best for this. Sometimes, I flattened a portion of eggshell and separated the pieces before positioning them on the ‘podged’ frame. It all depended on the space to be filled, and the size and shape of the eggshell mosaic I needed. Once a section of shell mosaic pieces were in place I painted over it with Modge Podge to set in in place.

Step 7:

While this is time consuming, it is also enormously addictive – you have been warned!! Quite a few meals in our house were very late due to me not being able to tear myself away from my eggshells! Continue in this way until you have completed your frame.

Step 8:

After a final coat of Modge Podge to seal your mosaic, all that’s needed is to find a photo to show off your work of art!

Now I can’t wait to start playing with different colours, designs and surfaces… and then of course to begin using different materials for the mosaic pieces – so exciting!

You could, of course, use spring colours and put an Easter themed picture in the frame – the options are endless!

I hope you give it a try – and please do let me know how you get on with it by commenting below!


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