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Maz Makes… A Start

Maz Makes… A Start

Well, here we go. This is the first blog post for ‘Maz Makes‘! It seems fitting that in this first blog, I focus on “Maz Makes… A Start”. But first, I’ll give you a quick introduction. I’m someone who loves anything creative, created, or in the process of being created. I see myself as a creative being who is at her happiest when making something, and I love, love, love the special joy of sharing the experience with others. This joy is only topped when someone who never thought they could be creative discovers that they, too, can!

I hope, through a fortnightly blog feature where I share something I’ve made, I will encourage others to continue growing their own creativity; perhaps also sharing their creative adventures as well as tips, problems and advice. I also hope that I can help encourage others to ‘have a go’ and discover how easy it is and how much satisfaction there is in this ‘creating and crafting‘ thing!

Being in the happy position of having retired from paid employment, I’m able to indulge my crafting ‘itch’ either in the UK or Spain where I have hobby corners filled with papers, card, paints, glues, fabrics, brushes, pens, pencils, sewing machines, and all sorts of gadgets collected over a lifetime of ‘making’. My only problem is still that of managing the, admittedly increased but never enough, TIME!! Even when travelling, or particularly when travelling, I am constantly amazed and inspired by the crafters I come across and hope to share some of their creations with you.

“Damaged Gloves”

This week, I travelled to Spain to join Husband who had already been there for three weeks. As part of sprucing up our apartment to welcome me, he had decided to replace our oven gloves which had suffered a ‘mishap’ while he was barbecuing over the weekend. As you will see from the pic below, our kitchen has a specific ‘white, black and a touch of red and chrome’ colour scheme. I guard it ferociously with the intention of making a fairly small area seem bigger by controlling the colour scheme! ‘Damaged Gloves’ had been perfect, having pockets for both hands, being joined, and being BLACK and WHITE.

“New Gloves”, however, consisted of two single, separate, BLUE checked gloves with a red floral motif. Husband was clearly very proud of his purchase and I really did not want to spoil the happy reunion by saying I wasn’t too happy with “New Gloves”.  And here beginneth the ‘make’ for this week….

“New Gloves”

While out with Husband looking for materials for his building project, I came across a wonderful old-fashioned haberdashery shop where I found some ric-rac and some black cord. I purchased them for the princely sum of THREE EUROS (including a large reel of Gutermann thread)!

The picture below will give you an idea of what I was dreaming about! Hopefully, this would somehow pull the gloves into the black, white and red colour scheme. It’d also overcome the nuisance of separate gloves which just don’t hook or hang anywhere!

Half an hour behind the sewing machine, and there you have it. After playing with the positioning of the ric-rac, deciding that adding red ric-rac was ‘too much’, and then plaiting the too thin cord into a thicker rope, it took a bit of stitching by machine to secure the ric-rac. I also did a little hand sewing to attach the rope to the gloves.

I think I can live with these now; Husband is proud of his purchase and kitchen still looks ‘together’. All’s well that ends well. ‘Til next time! — Maz

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