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Mary Gamestar – Potential Supplier News

Mary Gamestar – Potential Supplier News

Here at Create and Craft we’re always doing our best to give you exclusive news. We’ve stumbled across this gorgeous in-house photo-shoot featuring an exciting potential new supplier! We want to hear from you – what do you think of the designs below? Would you like to see this on a show and learn how to do more textile work? Let us know by commenting on this post or catch up with us any time on our social pages including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. See you there!


5 thoughts on “Mary Gamestar – Potential Supplier News”

  • Yes please more quilting workshops would be welcome and any show demonstrating what sewing machines can do and would be very interested in seeing how to use twin needles

  • I like the look of these items but I wonder if in order to achieve them you would need an expensive machine. These look difficult and what makes them any different from the current products available. Janet Clare is similar but possibly more basic. Much as I enjoy sewage I think these would not be for me

  • I would love to see this on C&C Looks absolutely amazing. I love everything sewing. More sewing shows would be appreciated.

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