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Make Your Own Screen Printing Screens with MYOS from Screen Sensation!

Make Your Own Screen Printing Screens with MYOS from Screen Sensation!

Whether you’ve joined the home screen printing revolution or not, things are about to get a whole lot more awesome for crafters everywhere… Screen Sensations’ Make Your Own Screen Machine is here! Those of you who already have a screen printing kit at home will be aware of just how easy it is to add your favourite designs to cards, scrapbooks, cushions, bags, clothing and more. Those of you who are yet to join the screen printing party, now’s the time to dive in, because it just got even more incredible (as if that were possible?!) Now you can make your own screen printing screens!


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How to Make Your Own Screen Printing Screens:

The MYOS from Screen Sensation is an incredible machine that enables you to design and make your own unique screen sprinting screens! Download the instruction manual here, and check out our top tips below!

Top Tip #1:

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Only use black and white images to create your artwork. Your design needs to be completely opaque when printed onto acetate, as coloured designs will not block the light from the machine, therefore exposing the entire mesh. This will result in overexposure.

Top Tip #2:

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If you are using a design that involves thin lines, test them before making the entire screen. This is to ensure that they will not be overexposed in the screen making process, and your full design won’t be ruined.

Top Tip #3:

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For your first time using the machine, it may be a good idea to try testing what you can create. You don’t need to use a whole sheet of the mesh to do this. Simply cut down your mesh into small pieces and test through the machine as normal. This will allow you to experiment without wasting mesh.

Top Tip #4:

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The maximum size for creating artwork to use with the original Screen Sensation® is 23cm/9” square. Designs for the Compact or 7 x 5 aperture should measure 15cm x 10cm/6” x 4”.

Designer, Stephanie Weightman, Says…

“The MYOS280 is the most exciting piece of equipment I have developed in over 25 years in the craft industry. Our developers have pulled out all the stops to create a game-changing opportunity in home screen printing! Early customer reactions have been phenomenal, and we are delighted that this product will be launched exclusively on Create and Craft.”

Need Some Screen Printing Inspiration?

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Stuck for ideas on what you could create with your very own screen printing screens? The sky really is the limit! Design your own stationery for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and other special events… you could create bespoke cards for friends and family, or follow your passion and sell your work at craft stalls!

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Want to tote your personalised design for the world to see? Then add it to a tote bag! It couldn’t be easier to do, thanks to Screen Sensation’s home screen printing system. With the MYOS280, you  can create your own screens using hand-drawn designs, photographs, and more!

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The opportunity to display your work is not just limited to bags and fashion either – how about transforming your home with whatever design you see fit? Create your own screens to produce your own coordinated home decor that you just couldn’t buy in the shops! Why not design a screen that features a print from your curtains? Or turn the design on your sofa cushions into a screen printed canvas to match? The world is your oyster with this incredible machine!

Free Screen Printing Design Downloads:

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Of course, if you’re after a little inspiration for your very first set of DIY screen printing screens, then we can help you out with that! We’ve a selection of gorgeous downloadable screen designs you can help yourself to  right here! They’re completely free for you to download, print and create… which one is your favourite?

Want more inspiration on all the incredible things you can do with a screen printing kit from Screen Sensation? Check out these gorgeous projects!


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