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Vellum Wedding Invitations: Elegance is Back

Vellum Wedding Invitations: Elegance is Back

Preparing for your wedding is one of the most exciting, magical… and expensive times of your life! However, one of our favourite things about two people deciding to get hitched, is the incredible excuse to get crafting that it offers! From table decorations to seating plans, favours to invitations… there are just so many opportunities to get creative and immerse yourself in all things craft – plus you can save yourself a small fortune on hiring other professionals to do it for you. In this beautiful DIY wedding invitation project by the talented Vikki Gorham, we take a look at what’s trending this year when it comes to stationery…. vellum wedding invitations are IN! Check out Vikki’s step-by-step instructions below, and learn exactly how you can mass-produce this elegant invitation yourself.

Vellum wedding invitations project header

Time it Takes to Make: (for my first invitation, including design) 2 hours

However, now you have the design, you can make these conveyor-belt style, and they will come together quicker!

Skill Level: Advanced

You Will Need:

DIY Vellum Wedding Invitations:

This monochrome hand-stamped vellum wedding invitation will set the tone perfectly for your big day! You can use any colour scheme you wish; for this project I have gone with a classic, black and ivory. As the vellum is delicate, I decided to use black sewing cotton to secure it. Create and Craft Core Card is just perfect for your wedding stationery – and you can browse through all the gorgeous colours and finishes right here!

Wedding stationery needs to be crisp and clean, so make sure you prepare your work space. Keep food and drinks and pets separate, and clean as you go!

Step One:

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Take a piece of black A4 core card and cut to 6 x 8 inches using your paper trimmer. Next, take a piece of cream linen core card and cut to 5 ¾ x 7 ¾ inches, again using your paper trimmer; these will form the base of your invitation. You can use white instead of cream if you prefer, and match your base card colour to the colour of your stamped images… this design is so versatile, you can adapt it to suit whatever colours you plan to feature throughout your wedding!

Step Two:

Vellum wedding invitations project image

I designed my invitation in Microsoft Word on my computer; I simply sized my layout to A5, and aligned my text to the right. This will leave space on the left, once printed, to stamp your flower designs. You can change the font colour to match your theme and make the font any style you wish to suit your Wedding – simple download and edit the template included!

Step Three:

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Using your stamping platform, place your chosen flower stamp onto your card at an angle on the top left-hand corner. Ink up your stamp with black ink, and press. Apply your embossing powder immediately, whilst your ink is still sticky, and then use your heat gun to set. Remember, as soon as your embossing powder melts, move your heat gun along. Repeat this process two more times down the left-hand side of your card. Make sure to stamp and emboss one-by-one, or your ink will become to dry, and be sure to clean off your stamp each time to avoid double stamping.

You can also use embossing ink (sticky ink) and to avoid any marks, use an anti-static bag on your card first. Sticky ink has a longer drying time, so you could stamp in multiples, and emboss together.

Step Four:

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Take a sheet of A4 vellum and, using your paper trimmer, cut a three-inch-wide strip. This will form your vellum band (you can cut your strip any width you like!) Using your scoring board and bone folder, score your vellum strip on the long side at 3 inches and 9 inches. Depending on how straight your card base is, you may need to adapt this by a mm each side. Your vellum will not meet at the back; you will have a gap.

Step Five:

wedding stationery project image

Take some double-sided tape and secure your cream invite to your black card base. Place a strip top middle and bottom, to secure.

Step Six:

vellum wedding invitations project image

Place your vellum band across the mid-section of your invitation, so it covers the words ‘Wedding Invitation’. Take your stamp again, and stamp your design using the same process above, stamping once on the vellum with your flower stamp over the words ‘Wedding Invitation’.

Step Seven:

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To secure your vellum band, take some black cotton, and wrap it around the invitation; make sure to keep both loose ends at the back to tie off. Your band should be secure, yet loose enough to slide off. You will need to go around 4/5 times with your cotton; spread your cotton out with your fingers, for effect. And there you have it – the first of your vellum wedding invitations is complete!

Finished vellum wedding invitations image

finished vellum wedding invitations image


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