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How to Make a Sock Puppet Shark: Snappy Crafting for Lost Socks!

How to Make a Sock Puppet Shark: Snappy Crafting for Lost Socks!

There’s no denying that lost socks can be a real pain… but here at Create and Craft, we like to see them as an opportunity! Why? Because they’re a fantastic excuse for a sneaky little sewing project, of course! This fun sock puppet shark is a great project to work on with the kids, and means those lonely socks left at the bottom of the laundry basket can be put to good use once more! Check out Kelly Anne Jordan’s step-by-step sock puppet shark project below, and learn how to create your very own super-smiley sock shark! What other creatures could you create with that pile of solo socks..?

You Will Need:

DIY Sock Puppet Shark:

Step 1:

Cut out the paper templates.

Turn the sock inside out, flatten, and lay the template on to the sock, pinning it into place.

Trace the sock shark template onto the sock with a water-soluble fabric marker. You might have to adjust and hand sketch the template on the sock as not all socks are the same size, but the template gives you a rough guide.

Cut out the sock pieces with approx. 1/8″ – 1/4″ seam allowance.

Step 2:

You can sew with a sewing machine, or you can hand stitch.

Sew along the edges of your side fin x 2, top fin, bottom fin and tail, but leave the bottom side open for turning. Turn all pieces right-side-out, and stuff them with toy stuffing.

Open out your shark body, and position your top and bottom fins with raw edges matching, and with right sides together. Sandwich your fins and pin into place.

Stitch around the body and leave a gap where the tail will be attached open, this is so you can turn the body the right way.

Step 3:

Attach the tail to the body by using ladder stitch or slip stitch, sewing until you have completed the whole way around. This will secure the tail to the body of the sock shark.

Step 4:

Now sew the open edge of the side fins to the body using a ladder stitch.

Step 5:

Trace the mouth and teeth template onto your white felt. Note that the tips of the zigzag are not touching the outline of the mouth, spare about 1/8″ or 3mm from the edge.

Sew the outline of the zigzag teeth to the body of the shark.

Step 6:

You can make your eyes by using a French knot where you want your eyes to be and hiding your finishing knot under the felt teeth, or you could use some buttons for your eyes.

And there you have it – goodbye lonely sock, hello sock shark! Your DIY sock puppet is now complete and ready to play. And next time you end up with a lonely sock missing its mate… you’ll know what to do with it!

Happy making!

Kelly Anne Jordan.

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