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Debbie Shore’s Pincushion With a Difference Project

Debbie Shore’s Pincushion With a Difference Project

If sewing‘s your passion, then we’ve a DIY pincushion you’re going to LOVE!  Check out Debbie Shore’s pincushion pattern below and learn how to make a pincushion that will take pride of place on the sewing table. What better way to put your stash of pretty fabric scraps to good use?

This decorative pincushion is actually a really practical shape! I like a pincushion I can use without taking my eyes off my work, that has space to store not just my pins, but needles, sewing machine needles and safety pins, and that doesn’t roll around my sewing table!

You Will Need:

Make a Pincushion:

Step 1:

Before you can make a pincushion, you’ll need to prep your chosen fabrics! Take one large and one small circle – these will be the top of the bottom section and the bottom of the top section – and cut a slit in the centre of each, 5cm (2in) long. Hand or machine-sew over the ends of each cut to stop them ripping when you come to stuff the pincushion. If you have a bar tack stitch on your machine, this is perfect!

Step 2:

Take the large cut circle from step 1, and the uncut small circle. On the right side, divide each into 6 segments using an erasable pen and the 60-degree line on your ruler.

Step 3:

Sew the large and small circles right sides together in pairs, then snip all the way round with pinking shears. If you don’t have any pinking shears, make small ‘v’ shaped cuts into the seam allowance, avoiding the stitches. This will help the seam to sit flat.

Step 4:

Turn each circle right side out through the slit you made in the centre.

Step 5:

Stuff each piece tightly with toy filling, then over-sew the openings closed by hand. Don’t worry about being too neat here – you won’t see the stitches when the pincushion is put together.

Step 6:

Take a piece of embroidery thread, about 76cm (30in) long, thread your long needle and tie a large knot about 10cm (4in) from the end. Push your needle down through the centre of one of the circles, bring it up following one of the lines you’ve marked, and take it back through the centre. Pull tight and repeat until you have divided your six segments. Tie the two ends of the thread, knot them and trim the ends, then do the same with the second stuffed piece to create your two ‘pumpkins’.

Step 7:

Using a length of embroidery thread and your embroidery needle, take running stitches through one long edge of the lace to gather it. Leave the ends loose to make tying easier.

Step 8:

Gather a 30cm (12in) length of ribbon in the same way, but this time pull together and tie to make a little rosette.

Step 9:

Place the small pumpkin on top of the large one with the slitted sides meeting in the centre, and with embroidery thread and your long needle, sew straight through the centre of both. Take the needle and thread through the button on the bottom of the pincushion, back through the other hole in the button, through the pumpkins…

Step 10:

…and through the rosette on the top. Tie the thread off to secure it.

Step 11:

Tie the gathered lace around the middle of the pincushion and knot. Make a bow from the remaining ribbon and sew to one side, along with the string of beads.

Want more sewing tips, tricks and advice from Debbie Shore? Check out our Sewing Academy! It’s packed with tutorial videos, free templates, downloadable patterns and more.

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