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Easy Boho Coasters with the Macrame Square Knot!

Easy Boho Coasters with the Macrame Square Knot!

New to macrame? Don’t worry, if you’re a total beginner to the stylish craft that’s taken the creative world by storm this year, then we’ve got you covered with this fantastic little tutorial from Denise Holmes. This lovely little boho coaster makes up quickly once you’ve mastered the macrame square knot – and is a great place to begin your macrame journey!

Skill level: Beginner

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Macrame square knot tutorial

Cut 12 x 1.2m length cords, fold each in half then tie them on to the dowel rod using the lark’s head knot.

Macrame square knot tutorial

Step 2:

Macrame square knot tutorial

You should have 24 cords; number them 1-24, from left to right.

Step 3:

Use the cords 1-4 to make a square knot as below:

  • Take cord 1 and bring it over cords 2 and 3.
  • Take cord 4, place over cord 1, under cords 2 and 3 then up and through the loop created by cord 1; this completes half a square knot.
  • To complete, reverse the process, taking cord 4 first; that is your square knot completed.

For step-by-step photography on how to complete a square knot, check out our macrame knot tutorial from Sarah Millsop, ‘The Square Knot Made Easy!’ right here.

Step 5:

Macrame square knot tutorial

Now to commence the pattern. Take cords 1-4 to tie one square knot, then repeat this with cords 5-8,9-12,13-16.17-30,21-24. You will end up with a row of 6 square knots.

Step 6:

Macrame square knot tutorial

Next, take cords 3-6,7-10,11-14,15-18,19-22 to tie another row of square knots; this time you will have a row of 5 square knots.

Step 7:

Macrame square knot tutorial

Repeat steps 5 and 6 alternately, until you have 6 rows of each.

Step 8:

Macrame square knot tutorial

Make sure the last row is securely tightened, then remove from the dowel.

Step 9:

Once removed, cut the loops and the other end to the same length, and straighten.

Step 10:

Completed coaster project

Your coaster is now finished… it must be time to make yourself a nice cup of tea to test it out… and reward yourself for a project well-done!

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