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How to Make Macramé Friendship Bracelets

How to Make Macramé Friendship Bracelets

This fantastic friendship bracelet project was created by our Jewellery Ambassador, Sarah Millsop, and we thought it was the perfect way to get creative and show your BFF just how much they mean to you. What better way to cement a fabulous friendship, than by creating something handmade and beautiful for your bestie?

To make these really cute and pretty friendship bracelets, we will be using a series of ‘square knots’. There are so many different knots to use in macramé, but this is a great place to start and get used to the techniques. If you do not have a macramé board, you can use a clipboard of even an over turned box lid to help secure your work whilst knotting.

You will need:

To Begin:

You will need to secure your middle thread first. Cut a piece of cord 30cm long and secure the thread running vertically along your chosen surface (macramé board, clipboard, etc.).

For example, if you are using a box lid or tray, tape both ends of the thread to the top and bottom so you have a tight and secure vertical thread running away from you. If you are adding beads to your bracelet, thread them into this middle strand.

Step 1:

In this image, I have already begun my knots. It’s is easier to show you this way, but you will have a little more work to do I’m afraid! :o)

I have pre-threaded 3 pearls onto my centre cord and secured for tension.

Cut a second strand of cord approx. 0.5m and thread underneath your centre strand. Make sure your pearls are in the middle of your centre strand as we will work on each side of them.

Keeping your 0.5m strand centralised, take the left side and place it over the tight centre thread. You will then take the right-hand side of your 0.5m cord and place it over the left side you brought over. Your right piece will then go underneath the centre thread and pull it up through the little circle you created on the left side. Pull this tightly and move up to the pearls to secure.

*THIS is one-half of your square knot! We now do the same knot but using reverse sides first.

Step 2:

Starting with the right side thread, place it OVER the centre cord and lie flat. Take the left side cord, place it over the thread you laid down and then UNDER the centre cord. Bring it up through the loop you created on the right-hand side and pull tight up to the previous knot.

Step 3:

This is how your knot should look before you tighten it.

Step 4:

You will now create the same knots again and again, alternating between using the left side to begin and then the right. As this section will give you half of your bracelet, you will need enough length to go from the beads to half way around your wrist.

Glue the ends of your cords and trim the excess, once dry.

Complete the same amount on the other side of your beads to give you knotted sides.

Step 5:

Once these are complete, take your centre cord and fold the two ends across each other, as shown. You will now need to take a separate piece of cord and use your square knots to secure these pieces together. This will become your sliding clasp, so these two lengths of cord should now be classed as your ‘centre cord’. Knot approx. 1″ worth of knots, glue and secure as before.

TOP TIP: Do not tie these knots for your sliding clasp too tightly! Your centre cords need to be able to move freely. Also, take care not to get the glue on them when you secure your knots.

You may wish to create several different versions of these bracelets. My crystal bracelet is made up of only beads on the centre cord and just the sliding clasp to secure. My bicone beads are secured with a knot on either side of them all the way along the middle of the bracelet. If you wish to do this, simply pre-thread your beads onto your centre cord. Tie a square knot to start, bring a bead up to the knot and move your threads down either side of the bead. Continue knotting.

These bracelets are ideal for the kids to pass time in the summer holidays and make for inexpensive and quick gifts for end of term and Christmas gifts, too. I hope you enjoy and have wrists full of colourful and beautifully crafted bracelets for the rest of the summer.

Love, Sarah. xx