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Macrame Feather Tutorial: For Awesome Accessorizing

Macrame Feather Tutorial: For Awesome Accessorizing

This beautiful little macrame project is a wonderfully versatile piece to have up your sleeve – once complete, these fantastic feathers can be turned into on-trend jewellery, used to decorate a range of home decor pieces, or even added to fashion accessories like bags and keyrings. Check out Devon Coverdale’s macrame feather tutorial below, and learn how to create your own.

Step-by-Step Macrame Feather Tutorial:

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Macrame feather tutorial step

Cut a 40cm length of cord and fold in half.

Step 2:

Macrame feather tutorial step

With the folded cord, tie a double knot at the top to create a loop.

Step 3:

Macrame feather tutorial step

Cut 18 x 20cm lengths of cord.

Step 4:

Macrame feather tutorial step

Use larks head knot to attach the lengths of rope to the middle strands. Make sure it’s even by attaching the cords alternately on the left and right hand side. Continue until all cords are attached.

Step 5:

Macrame feather tutorial step

Tie the middle strands in a double knot to secure.

Step 6:

Macrame feather tutorial step

Using a comb gently brush out each of the strands to create the full feather look.

Top Tip: Flip your piece over, and brush both sides!

Step 7:

Macrame feather tutorial step

Cut the felt into a leaf shape; the felt should be a few cm shorter than the desired width for the end product. Flip your work over and, using the glue, carefully adhere this to the brushed out strands.

Step 8:

Finished project

Trim the strands to the shape of the felt to complete the pendant.

Finished project in multiple colours

And that’s the end of our macrame feather tutorial – your project is complete! But that doesn’t mean you have to stop there – why not create a selection in a variety of colours and sizes?

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