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Make Your Own Custom Sewing Patterns with The Lutterloh System!

Make Your Own Custom Sewing Patterns with The Lutterloh System!

Tired of never being able to find clothes that fit just right? If so, then this is the supplement for you. With the chance to create a variety of different pieces of clothing that’ll fit you like a dream, this supplement has something to offer everyone.


The Lutterloh System was created so you can create unique and original pieces of clothing tailored to fit you with ease and accuracy. Used with The Golden Rule, you can craft an endless array of clothes with just a few measurements.

The brand new special edition supplement is ideally suited for fuller figure women. With a myriad of inspirational sewing ideas and each pattern showing an illustrated design of the finished garment, this is a dressmakers essential.


The 50 page supplement offers women the chance to design their own piece of clothing that’ll fit their figure perfectly. With 64 different styles from trouser suits and coats to skirts and dresses, you’ll have something unique to make for every occasion. Easily adapted and personalised to suit your own style, these patterns are clear and concise and give perfect results every time.


Ideal for beginners and advanced sewers, this supplement will save time, introduce you to new ideas and open doors to a new way of crafting.

For this brand new supplement, make sure to watch Create and Craft TV as we broadcast LIVE from CHA Mega Show in Anaheim, California on Sunday 10th January at 3pm.

3 thoughts on “Make Your Own Custom Sewing Patterns with The Lutterloh System!”

  • Hi I just want to find out is the new supplement just for the fuller figure. I am a small size 10 and was so looking forward to this release.
    Can the patterns in the supplement be adapted to any size or just 18 to 24 as stated in the programme on Create and Craft?

    Please let me know as soon as possible because I did want to purchase it

  • Hi please could anyone tell me what sizes dose the Lutterloh go up to as I’m a large lady (30/32), when they demonstrate, how to use this, they have petite ladies and Lutterloh does not explain, what size it goes up to , thank you for any help in this matter

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