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Loom Weaving Kit: Create Textured Textile Decor

Loom Weaving Kit: Create Textured Textile Decor

Textured Textile Decor Project Title

If you didn’t read the first of our three-part series on the weaving trend that’s taken the nation by storm this year, then check out Helen Kirkham’s beginner’s introduction to loom weaving right here. If you’ve already read that, and you’re keen to dive into yet another exciting tutorial on how to get the most out of your loom weaving kit this summer, then scroll down for this week’s installment from Sarah Jackman-Read! A beautiful design that cleverly integrates real beach treasures, so you can incorporate your own summer holiday finds into your make, to create a truly bespoke piece of home decor, filled with memories!

Time to Make: 6 hours

Level: Intermediate

You Will Need:

Step 1:

Loom weaving kit tutorial step

Tie a knot in the end of bakers twine, then thread up and down the loom weaving kit to create what is know as the warp. Make sure it’s as tight as possible, then tie a knot in the other end. Secure the ends with safety pins for extra security.

Tip: Use bakers twine or thin string to create the warp rather than wool, because wool will tend to stretch.

Step 2:

Loom weaving kit tutorial step

Wrap a shuttle (these come with the loom) with yellow wool, leaving a long end. Starting at one end near the bottom of the loom, place the shuttle under the first warp thread, over the second, etc., to the end, then pull the wool through. Repeat from the other side, this time placing the shuttle over the first thread then under the second. This is known as the weft.

Step 3:

Loom weaving kit tutorial step

Carry on weaving the yellow wool to create the weft and use a fork to push down the wool to the bottom of the warp threads. Keep weaving until you reach about a third of the way up.

Step 4:

Loom weaving kit tutorial step

Weave a few more times just on the threads on the right-hand side to create an angle as shown, then cut off the shuttle leaving a small length of wool. Pull apart the wool in places then glue in small shells and beads.

Step 5:

Loom weaving kit tutorial step

Wrap a shuttle with white wool then weave twice across the weft. With the wool under the weft, form a loop under the first weft thread. Pull the length of wool through the loop to create another loop, then pull taut. Repeat along all the weft threads then come back the other way.

Loom weaving kit tutorial step

Step 6:

Loom weaving kit tutorial step

Trim off a length of light blue wool, then create two lines of loops above the white loops. Use your fingers to then thread the wool over four warp threads, then back over two, and repeat across the threads in both directions.

Step 7:

Loom weaving kit tutorial step

Wrap a shuttle in the light blue wool then, starting at one end, go under two threads then over two threads. Keep going several times, pulling the threads apart to keep them quite loose and add extra texture. Add a few lines of basic weaving in the same colour.

Step 8:

Loom weaving kit tutorial step

Complete the rest of the design in basic weaving using the other two blue wools and stitch some beads across some areas. Leave a gap at the top to thread in the driftwood.

Step 9:

Loom weaving kit tutorial step

Weave a small amount of white wool in amongst the blue, then turn the weaving over and thread the loose ends through the back of the wool. If there are two lengths of wool close together, tie in a knot and trim. Remove the weaving from the loom, then thread driftwood through the top.

Step 10:

Loom weaving kit tutorial step

Trim five lengths of wool (one of each colour) to 25cm, then fold in half. Push the loop through one of the loops in the bottom of the weaving, then pull the ends through to create a tassel. Repeat across all the loops then trim the ends. Add a loop of wool at the top to hang it up.

Completed project hanging on wall

The more you create with your loom weaving kit, the more confident you’ll become, and you can move onto experimenting with more advanced techniques as your capabilities grow. Loom weaving is very much like painting with wool – there are so many creative possibilities you can explore with one kit… and it’s a fantastic way to use up leftover yarn from old projects, too!

Completed wall hanging close up

For more inspiration, find the entire wall hanging tutorial series right here… or check out the rest of our home crafts projects, ideas and tutorials to keep you busy!


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