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How to Make a Lollipop Stick House… For the Birds!

How to Make a Lollipop Stick House… For the Birds!

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We just love this bright and beautiful garden craft idea from Penelope Quinn! This delightful lollipop stick bird feeder will not only make a colourful addition to your back garden or patio, it also provides the perfect little house for your feathered friends to stop by for a snack! Check out the step-by-step tutorial below, and spend an afternoon getting creative and crafty at home, to create a mini home for the garden.

You Will Need:

Lollipop Stick House Tutorial:

Step 1:

Lollipop stick house tutorial step

Set aside 12 lollipop sticks, and paint the rest in rainbow colours with acrylic paint. Wait until dry.

Step 2:

Lollipop stick house tutorial step

Make the base of your bird feeder by making a square base – line up around 12 lollipop sticks, and line another two across as shown, to act as struts. Glue these down. Take 12 coloured sticks and stick together in the same fashion. Repeat the above; this will be the roof of the bird feeder!

Step 3:

Lollipop stick house tutorial step

Now, build the walls of the feeder by adding a dab of glue to the ends of two lollipop sticks, then placing two more sticks across to create a square. After building three ‘levels’, glue in a stick to act as a perch for the birds to stand on. Continue building the walls until you have around 10 layers. Glue the walls to the base.

Step 4:

Lollipop stick house tutorial step

Take a piece of felt or cardboard around 12 cm long x 6cm, and glue to the ends of either side of the roof. Bend it in the middle, and glue onto the top of the wall.

Step 5:

Lollipop stick house tutorial step

Now your gorgeous DIY bird feeder is complete, and ready to be hung pride of place in the garden, somewhere your feathered friends are sure to find it. Simply fill with bird seed, and wait for the birds to come!

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