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Craft A Lovely Llama With Our Easy Weaving Tutorial

Craft A Lovely Llama With Our Easy Weaving Tutorial

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Looking for a creative way to have fun with the little ones? We just love this lovely llama craft from the fabulous Momtaz Begum-Hossain, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it too! Follow along with the full tutorial below, and help them create their own colourful little llama pal, whilst learning a new crafting skill at the same time.

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How To Craft A Lovely llama

Step 1:

Llama craft tutorial step

Draw the shape of a llama on paper. Use it as your template to draw one onto card. Cut it out, paint it and leave it to dry. Use a felt tip pen to define the edges of the card.

Step 2:

Llama craft tutorial step

Along the section between the llama’s head and back leg, make an odd number of snips that are evenly spaced out along the top and bottom. This one has seven snips.

Step 3:

Llama craft tutorial step

Choose a yarn to make the loom; here it’s purple. Tape it to the back. Pull it to the front and wrap it once around from the top snip to the bottom snip and do this all the way along. At the end, cut off the yarn and tape the end on the back.

Step 4:

Llama craft tutorial step

Cut a small piece of yarn and tie it to the bottom corner strand.

Step 5:

Llama craft tutorial step

Begin weaving! Pull your yarn in and out between the strands. To change colour, tie on your new colour and keep weaving until your llama is wearing a colourful woven blanket.

Step 6:

Llama craft tutorial step

Stick on some pompoms, draw on your face, add any other details… then say hello to your new llama pal!

Finished project

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