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Lighthearted Love Tokens – A Crafty Beggars’ How-To

Lighthearted Love Tokens – A Crafty Beggars’ How-To

Home decor projects are soaring in popularity right now – and it’s no wonder, when making such beautifully impressive projects – like these incredible hanging hearts – can be so easy!

Three-dimensional base shapes such as hearts, plaques, baubles, trinket boxes and more are available in a range of materials, from MDF to polystyrene. These blank canvasses provide the perfect base for every kind of crafter to get creative – you can add colour and print using your favourite papers and tissue papers, or a textile finish using fabric and ribbon. The artistic among you may even like to add colour using inks and paints… the possibilities are endless!

We asked The Crafty Beggars’ Julie Peasgood to get creative in the name of love, for Valentine’s Day – and she’s crafted a stunning selection of hanging hearts! Check out what she made, and how she did it, below!

DIY Hanging Hearts Project:

When I first saw these polystyrene hearts from Pinflair I immediately thought how good they would look decoupaged. Although they’re wonderfully light, they are surprisingly robust too – perfect for popping in the post if your loved one isn’t close at hand.

I decided to use paper napkins to decorate a few of them with (as I have an ever-increasing collection of serviettes that feel a bit too pretty to wipe my mouth on!) I also tried wrapping ribbons of material on two of the hearts – this worked really well as it’s very fast and easy.

You Will Need:

Ribbon-Wrapped Hearts:

I secured the material with Pinflair’s super-strong Bookbinding Glue. Little plastic beads in the shape of hearts (of course!) added a sweet touch to the shiny heart, making it a pretty adornment for a little girl’s room.

Paper Wrapped Hearts:

For the paper napkins I used Napkin Glue and Lacquer – a special jelly-like formulation also from Pinflair. It’s extremely light and goes a long way, so it’s perfect for working with very soft papers – including tissue paper – and it gives an appealing handpainted look.

Secret Valentine…

Every year since she was 17 (and in the midst of boyfriend troubles) I have sent my daughter, Kate, an anonymous Valentine so she always felt she had a secret admirer.

She is now 36 and a happily married mum, but I still keep up the tradition – even though she’s long ago rumbled that the card is always from me!

This year I shall be sending her one of these hearts – from a secret (and crafty) admirer!

Do you prefer sending handcrafted gifts, or handmade cards? Let us know in the comments below!

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